3D Little Pigs

I do hope everyone’s emotionally over with Sam Raini and Tobey MaGuire calling it quits for the fourth Spiderman installment. They’ve done terrific jobs alright  and they would be missed (I could still feel my heart pulsating at Harry Osborn’s death scene when he forced a smile at Peter, breathing heavily, “You’re my friend…” then dies. Sob sob!). But look who’s going to be your next friendly neighbor.

Hundreds were considered for the plum role that was most recently filled by Tobey Maguire, and dozens were interviewed. According to a project insider, about six screen-tested for the part, and it came down to three: Garfield, Jamie Bell and Maguire doppelganger Alden Ehrenreich. [Variety]

Until I approached slackly our friendlier neighbor called Wikipedia, I discovered that the successor Andrew Garfield appeared almost in all entertainment media. From theatre where he bagged the 2004 MED Theatre Award, to his notable drama films like Lion for Lambs and Boy A. One thing’s for sure: I’ve never watched those but his ineffable praises galvanize me to go download.

Andrew Garfield in Red Riding (Pic from Global Comment)

If you think that’s boring, wait til he comes out with Justin Timberlake and Disney’s Brenda Song in an interesting movie about Facebook and its foundation,  The Social Networks. I just hope they won’t make it as obscure and  whiny as  Martin  Burke’s Pirates of Silicon  Valley or I’ll dismember myself.

Back to Spiderman 4, the story line pushes through Peter in high school. Some fans  might be yammering about this being cheesy enough, but come on guys, let’s give ’em a chance. Stop saying that it’s going to be different this time, cos tell you what: It’s going to be different this time!

And so the movie plays July 2012. In 3D.

IN 3D???! So what?!!

I’ve been seriously bothered about movies  nowadays going full-on three-dimensional. Normally, in 2D  films, our senses and brain cells see to it that everything captured via film is already bathed in steropsis accuracy. Meaning, no matter how the illusion works, it’s already an illusion for us in the first place. Robert Ebert clears his phlegm out at 3D being  too hyped:

Disney recently announced it will make no more traditional films at all, focusing entirely on animation, franchises, and superheroes. I have the sense that younger Hollywood is losing the instinctive feeling for story and quality that generations of executives possessed. It’s all about the marketing. [Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)]

I suffer as trailers, amongst them  drama,  often flash themselves as [Insert Title Here] IN THREE-D. Fortunately,  due to my occasional poverty and usual  tardiness at 3D screenings, I haven ‘t watched a single film which is marketed with those funny eyeglasses. Drama in 3D? Will I get myself drowned if the actor/actress spritzes me with his/her tears then?

Honestly, I yearn more of a good script, that’s it (Eclipse‘s marshmallow lines never worked on me). Films and other works of art should be as worthy-watching even without those crappy, expensive drivel that drain down people’s money and make us swear off technology altogether.


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  1. i heard about Social Network nga. hmm.
    as per the new boy, di ko rin sya kilala. haha. abangan na lang natin sya in 3d.

    and yes, we always yearn for good scripts. yung tipong hanggang sa pagtulog mo, nirerecite mo pa.

    sans the vampire saga. i would kill anyone repeating verbatim the words of bella and that dead cedrick diggory. LOL

    • I wanna watch Social Networks! Kinda exciting; I wanna see JT act! 😀

      On the reciting of quotes part, that’s so me. HAHA

      Jacob’s lines were the bitch if you’ve come to watch Eclipse haha

      • jacob? sino yun? watda. LOL

        yeah, ikaw na ang may unimpeachable ability to memorize verbatim lines from movies, TV, books and even real-life conversations! ftw!

  2. I’m excited about this!

    By the way, it’s not Spiderman 4 since it’s not a continuation of the Tobey Maguire series. It’s a fresh reboot with its own continuity. 🙂

  3. Totoo pala na pinalitan na si TM.
    Papanoorin ko parin para malaman ko kung paano maikokonek from previous series at kung ano ang bago.
    Sana din matapos na ang Part/Series eheeheh. Si MJ siya andun parin ba siya?
    At ang 3D hmmmm for sure plus factor sa entertainment at fun (excitement ng panonood) at plus/added din sa bulsa.

    sana nasa Pinas na ako kapag showing ito. kung hindi dibidi lang ehehe

    • Wala kong idea who’s playing MJ eh. Pero since the plot’s about Peter Parker in high school, more like dead characters (in the previous movies) and some new[?] villains will appear.

      Come home to the Philippines! 🙂

  4. hhmm, panoorin kodin sya, kaso hndi ko like yung guy.. peru tingnan natin.. hehee

    • Haha can’t judge eh. Havent seen him act. But he got the looks of both Parker’ aloofness and Spidey’s charming , uhh… we’ll see about that! :p

  5. Very well written. I’ll prob see it cause I’m a sucker for superhero movies.

    I was kinda rooting for Donald Glover.

    This dude looks legit though.

    • Hey Tyler!

      Thank you so much, but I’d say these are just pure ramblings. haha I’m a sucker for superhero movies too! In fact, can’t wait for X-Men First Class.

      Donald Glover? Hmm was he in the prelim shortlist? I think Garfield can handle it 🙂

  6. Garfield is a fine actor, no doubt about that. I thought he did a fantastic job in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. But his being cast as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man seems to run counter to Sony’s apparent mission to seek a much younger actor to replace Tobey Maguire. Logan Lerman would have been a more understandable choice. Despite his as yet fairly underwhelming acting chops, I think Lerman can pull the role off given the right training and perspective. Oh well, the cast has been made (pun intended, I’m afraid).

    I’m also looking forward to seeing The Social Network if only for a couple of reasons. One, David Fincher. Two, Jesse Eisenberg, who is far and away a much, much better actor than his supposed acting doppelganger, Michael Cera.

    And don’t get me started on that whole 3D marketing ploy. It’s highly unnecessary. I’ll take a strong story over visual accoutrement anytime. After all, the former is what makes The Hurt Locker a far better film than Avatar.

    • I haven’t seem Garfield act though but totally, he’s a bit old for the movie. I dunno, maybe they’d dazzle him up with the make-up and all like what they always do. On Logan Lerman! True, I think he’d do better with the3 role. Chura palang eh haha

      Okay, I feel shallow over an important must-see of JT act in The Social Network HAHA

      Yeah, 3D is damned, man. I don’t care if Blake Lively’s boobs are on my face. I want true-blue acting and I want it now.

  7. andami palang typo ng koment ko sir barry at paulit-ulit na words.
    nabasa ko na din ang ilang articles about it.
    magaganda naman ang koment nila, yun nga lang more to expect lalo na patok sa takilya ang mga naunang episodes.

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay i hope i can jump or swim or fly para makauwi. eheheh

    be blessed sir.

  8. You should definitely try those 3D movies. I like watching 3D except yung mga Shrek Toy Story etc. Wala lang. New thrill.

  9. update na ahahahaah
    formal ng in-announce na siya ang gaganap as mr. spidey.

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