I Dreamed A Double Dream

Dear fortunetellers, soothsayers, astrologers– both Western and Vedic practitioners– and those who just infer that something is written in the stars, I have a very important case for you. First dream last night: I came back to St. Paul all-perky, and randomly all my high school teachers were persistently convincing me to become a… PRIEST. Is that normal? Me? A priest? Curse the Vatican now.

I’m not being blasphemous here, I love the priests and appreciate their devotion, dedication and endurance over pontifical practices like, say, celibacy. (Besides, I’m a prodigal non-practicing Catholic; I don’t believe in some rituals anymore like baptism and confession and hearing mass. Although, I believe that faith will save us. Not religion. There’s a difference. I can recite John 3:16 for you.) But has my being jobless led my subconscious to finally ponder over being a, gulp, priest? Am I being given a message from God that maybe, just maybe,  I am better off as a preacher of the Good News, cos media always tend to deliver, err, bad news? That was a joke. But I hope you get my  akin Joseph “the 11th and favorite son of Jacob” nocturnal experiences.

So you stargazers out there, is that normal?

Which brings us to my second dream in the same night: I dreamt that I was retelling my first dream inside a car with my orgmate, Ana Tan. (Like what I would do after waking up, I instantly chuckled over the idea.) Is that normal? In my subconscious, I am conscious that I was in a previous subconscious state of mind and so I narrate the whole subconscious story in a seemingly conscious situation. The verisimilitude was so high I thought Ana was real. I need guidance.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. “I believe that faith will save us. Not religion.”
    Nice… I’ll quote that someday.. hehe.

    • Yep. That’s my life choice ever since I studied in UP 🙂 People think that atheism or lack of religion is what’s uso in the university. I disapprove. We students are just being directed to what our individual faith wants to reflect.

  2. That’s your calling! Father Cyrus. Woah!

  3. Barry, if that dream was telling me to give you advice, then honestly, i don’t think you’re the priest type at all ^^ you’re right, i respect priests in their own right. but you and priesthood don’t mix 😀 i feel like you were just overthinking the concept of “jobless” kaya napunta dun. heheh! miss you barrycyrus! :))))

    • hahah Thanks Ana Tan. And in my dream, if I remember it right, you were also laughing at the idea. XD

      I K R. What the heck’s wrong with my double dreams!!

      I miss you too, employed HK girl!

  4. The whole time I was reading I was, OK, OK, OK, I’m still OK.

    Until I got to the last line and encountered…. verisimilitude.

    Dumugo ang ilong ko.

    Dreams I think often reflect the stuff that bother us during the day.

  5. Hey Barry!

    Dreaming is actually a way in which our brains process an overload of information, sort of to free up space. You could say that dreaming is another way of thinking only, it’s uncontrolled.

    Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of priesthood before?

    And yeah, Faith — the belief in a Higher Being — will save us, regardless of religion. So GOD is sending you a message. It’s up to you how you’ll interpret it. Hope you’ll discover what it means.


    • I cannot interpret it wisely since first, I haven’t ever thought of becoming a priest (though a prof once told me that I do sound like a priest cos of my voice. Huh?), and second, it’s just so wrong hahaha

      I feel like Joseph The Dreamer or even Moses for this. XD

      PS I once read that sleeping is one of the most important things to do in an entire day. Cos aside from the tissues repairing, system rebooting, etc., we dream.

  6. The cool thing is that you remembered TWO dreams in one night! I can’t do that!
    And the priest thing, when I was about to graduate high school, a priest came to our school and asked me to visit their seminary here in Cavite. Even my teachers pushed me to go. Haha, but I didn’t think of becoming one so I did not go. I can’t be someone I am not.

    I don’t know you personally but I guess you didn’t have a good night. Haha.

  7. uhhh…suffice it to say that i don’t imagine you being a priest. i’d probably stop going to mass when you become one. hahahaha! joke lang.

    good luck on job hunting. I hope you find one soon so you could eventually quiet your wandering subconscious. 🙂

  8. Barry the Dreamer

    Same here, naniniwala ako sa mga dreams at may interpretations sila.
    Hindi din ako naniniwala sa religion, I believe in faith and relationship with the Lord. I’d go for non-denominational although most of my posts reflect my faith.

    I don’t believe in fortune telling using stars and other mantras or chants. I believe in God.

    Hmmmmmm gising ka na sir barry? As for me, ang mga dreams mo at the way people confirmed it to you matters.

    btw, bringing the Good News of the Lord is a great calling. Basta wag ka lang manigaw kagaya ng mga newscasters natin ehehehe.

    • LOL @ newscasters. Ehem, Mike Enriquez, ehem! One of my dreams is to be a TV host though. Whut. HAHA.

      I don ‘t believe in astrologers or sorts cos first, they’re not that gifted to become THAT good. And why are they a lot anyway? Aren’t “chosen” people supposed to be just a few? XD And second, I heard somewhere that horoscope producers recycle their “daily predictions” every x-number of years.

      • Malaking tumpak yun sir barry,

        Ang mananawas: kung hindi ka nakaapak ng duwende, napilayan o naengkanto yun parati

        Horoscopes: paulit-ulit nothing so significant and specific

        Pero what they say are all existing. The enkantos and dwendes, even the lovelife and malas and swerte are all existing.

        Sa katulad kong naniniwala sa existence ng God, I believe he is in control sa buhay ko and may part ako na dapat gawin dun sa mga nais niya. — nagiging serious na ako

        Hindi kaya dahil lang iyan sa job hunting mo sir barry?

  9. dream on.

    (you know what I mean. LOL)

  10. surely the most interesting part of the mass will be your homily.

    i just cant remember most my dreams, or maybe im just not dreaming on some nights?

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