Extending College

The UAAP Season 73 “Heroes” (Pic from the UAAP Season 73 Facebook like-page)

As if I didn’t just graduate, my stupidity was at its peak when I left my UAAP Season 73 opening ticket right when I was already on my way to Araneta.  It was just last year when I was entering through the South Gate FOR FREE. Good thing, self-proclaimed Fighting Maroons “stage ate (sister)” Kat has one extra, and she handed it to me as an evidence of my notorious forgetfulness.  (Then later, she begged it back to paste it in her scrapbook.) Anyway, did I just see Ogie Alcasid and Gary Valenciano commencing the season with some grooving? Not to mention, Alcasid’s awkward, overkill, politically-monstrous Bangon Pilipinas had to constantly remind us that we are now under a new rule. Instantly, Charice’s bright yellow, debutante-cake-like inauguration dress drew itself in my mind. Apart from that, the best part of the show was– if you thought UP won, we were speared by DLSU at 80-62— nothing less than the AVP. With the theme “Heroism,” give way for your team…


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hindi pa ako nakapanood sa Araneta ng kahit anong basketball games.
    Noong uso pa ang MBA nun dahil sa Pampanga Dragons yun kasi sa homecourt ng every province ginagawa. Mas magandang manood sa tv ehehehe.

    i find it cool yung Heroism Theme
    pinapanood ko now yung video na nakaattached sa post mo.
    the archers speared UP pala
    di bale mahaba habang season pa naman

    • Namimiss ko yung last year. Free kami pumasok sa Araneta cos of PR class. Haha.

      Ain’t the video too effin cool??!

      And yeah, there’s still A LOT OF hope haha But of course, basketball is really not what UP is trademarked to be excellent at. :/ Sadly.

  2. ang ganda ng video parang totoong movie. Salamat sa pag share nio.

    thanks pala sa pagdaan sa bahay

  3. barrycyrus..!
    kapag makakalimutin ka daw…
    parati kang kumain ka nang…
    tapos lagi ka daw uminom nang…
    napanood ko ring ang…
    opening ng uaap season 73..!
    sa TV nga lang..!
    yung yellow and black gown ni charize during the inauguration..?
    tumatak din pala sa isip mo yun..!
    parang nabasa ko somewhere na…
    balak daw palitan yung…
    Team Name na..:
    ” UP Fighting Maroons “..?
    totoo ba yun..?
    if YES..,
    ano naman..?
    if No..,
    eh di NO..! 😉
    ” UP Fighting Maroons “..?

    • Yep, they were planning on changing the name, “UP Fighting Maroons.” There was a contest of name submissions. This season could’ve been the point where the players will adapt a new title, kaso the entries weren’t sufficient much daw to the point that they planned to retain it till the end of the sem. I dunno.

      But personally, I go for UP Fighting Maroons still. There’s nothing like uniqueness 🙂

  4. swerte mo naman! hehe
    is the avp supposed to be cool? i was bored the moment they began transforming.
    baka wala lang ako sa mood masyado. hehe

    • Umm, what was more stupid was I didn’t bring my glasses so mej hindi clear yung video while I was inside. HAHAHA. But I like how they put it that way naman 🙂

      • the concept was good but the vid sucked…at least for me btw I so wanted to go with you guys nung Friday!!! I totally forgot and only remembered nung pabalik na ako ng house

  5. ayos ah! may concept. pero di ako makarelate. lol

  6. isang beses naka nood din kami ng uaap kasi…

    required sa isang klase namin hehehe

    although I admit na di ganun kalakasan yung team namin, ang gusto ng school e be there for moral support

    we are falcons 😀

    • Ang awesome ni James Dean as your mascot ah haha

      Di rin naman malakas UP Fighting Maroons. Pero lately, like last year, they’ve really improved! Beating DLSU and ADMU in a match haha

  7. can’t watch the video so i can’t relate.

    UAAP season na nga… push on UP!

    but yeah, forget basketball! hahaha!

  8. Bat naging blue at yellow ang UST? At baket bumibids si Charice sa UAAP? Mag cocollege na ba sya? (Naiinggit paren ako sa pag guest nya sa Glee).

  9. UP Fighting Maroons pa rin! 🙂

  10. Interesting website! I haven’t bumped on barrycyrus.wordpress.com before in my browsing!
    Keep up the hard work! I think this video might be relevant to the page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiHOLMIh0Jo

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