At the Hipsterranean Coast

Last Saturday night,  I innocuously  managed to insert my humdrum, mainstream self in the sea of Manila’s hipsters, both from true-blue and Muggle origins, at Meiday concert in Cubao X. Twas my first time in the place, and so I have to thank Chuicide for my unplanned quasi-wasted night. (She later called me a “hipster-virgin” as if I had kept a friggin’ hipster hymen.) This was definitely one for the books.

See, it was really my first chill night in the complex as an enlightened teenager. The first time I was technically in Cubao X was horrible an experience. It was when my mother forcibly asked me to accompany her in her some shoe-shopping,  and I would then be found sulking in a corner. I hated shopping with  old women! (Sorry but my action figures were always atop the shopping agenda since forever.) I just never knew that the place would later become a communal haven for such geniuses. Therefore, my mom  must be  a Chrishipster Columbus. Err, corny.

At Kebab X (Pics by Zyllah Gatchailan)

Nevertheless, labels are so primitive. The experience which was a tepid immersion into these interesting crowds (“interesting” such that I blogged about them , remember?). Included were my journ friends Chino and Illegally Blonde Erika who’s now in San Beda Law, preparing to defend me in  my future libel suits. The best part though was that I met new friends who were generally the fun, artiste type;  not the typical brooding, sassy generation a la, excuse me, Aaron Rose. Anyhow, from those people wearing scarves, boots, v-necks, Elvis Costello glasses, and all that screams “I am fucking Kanye West’s son!” the night was packed with these cool deets:

  • There were a lot of fashionistas such that you may never discern which were hipsters and which are posers, that single night. Chino hated those “Zac Efron” clones.
  • Everyone must have had the same idea to dress up as relatively hipsters. Even the guard lurking (Chino called him hip-police) and the sidewalk vendors were channeling some hippie vibes. Fail.
  • Saw some celebrities including Tuesday “newlywed” Vargas who performed, Pat Evangelista who rocked an Edie Sedgwick hairdo, Mitch Dulce who was… cute,  my assistant editor who I feel cannot be acknowledged as a celebrity yet, and of course, Utakgago himself… KEVIN!
  • I didn’t figure Kevin is as tall as me, but I was seriously ecstatic upon seeing a blogger-friend in person. “You’ve been drinking,” he remarked. I called him Moses. Which he hates, cos it sounds “biblical” it makes him wanna put himself on fire. Afterward, we chatted on the hipster culture around like a joke. Nice to actually meet up with you, man!
  • Also saw some familiar faces. Joshua, my high school kabarkada greeted me with a “Fuck you!” JMAers such as Wacky, Jean and Portia were also there. I guess they’re also into counterculture pursuits. People.

At Meiday 2010. We be hipster-watchin'. (Pics by Zyllah Gatchailan)

To top it all off, the culture that night was just pomo. Meaning postmodern. Meaning inexplicable. Meaning,  I hope you didn’t get me again. Cos that’s how hipsters psych you up. You will simply never get them.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I hope you didn’t get me again

    >>> tama ka hindi ko na gets hahaha. Enjoy na enjoy ka sa gimik nio with RH pa may bayad sila sau hahaha.

  2. I still maintain that you were a hipster virgin. Congratulations on the ripped hymen!

  3. I love Cubao X! 😀

  4. im so old, di ko alam ang hipsters hehe

  5. Oh yes, they’re really psyching me up. There’ s no way I will get them.

  6. Hi.

    Please get me out of here…

    Patay…naubusan ng dugo si Kuli, isinugod sa pinakamalapit na Health Center, walang in wala.

  7. Main Entry: hip·ster
    Pronunciation: \ˈhip-stər\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: 4hip
    Date: 1940
    : a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or fashion)

    : Merriam-Webster

    yun pala yun..! 😉

  8. Let me get this out of the way…

    that chick doing the ‘chibi’ with a red sling bag (?) is HOT.

  9. I was in Cubao Expo that night too. Haha.

  10. Malakas ba ang tama nung hawak mong beer sir barry?

    Hindi pa ako gumala sa ganyang gimikan
    wala dito sa disyerto at sa Pampanga ay wala din naman gaano.
    Ngafocus ako sa pics ahahaahah

    May EB din pala.

    be blessed!
    babalik ako

    • di naman masyado hehe

      be blessed too! 🙂

      • ninamnam ko ng husto ang post mo sir barry.

        1.FY ba ang batian ng mga hipsters eheheeheh
        2. maganda si pat, naging emcee siya nung nagteacher’s convention sa araneta nun at magaling siya…opinyon ko.
        3. talagang pinaghahandaan mo na ang mga libel suits mo ahahahahah

        yun na lang muna
        digest ko pa. ahahaah

        normal na sa Manila yan and to tell you hindi ko naimagine ang sarili ko na mag-aral, tumira or magwork sa manila parang fast pace/phase parati…parang lang

      • haha thanks for taking time to actually digest this crappy post.

        Hang out with me next time, pag mauwi ka! 🙂

  11. Hahahaha. I’m allergic to these so-called hipsters.

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