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While a big chunk of metro dwellers panic from the Basyang-caused electricity, food and water, excellent-PAGASA-equipment, etc., shortages, I bump into a very relevant poll on, yes, men’s fashion. As if I’m a fashion connoisseur myself alright, the survey from Shine Yahoo sought the exact turn-offs women perceive. So for you guys, metrosexual or not, I think this maybe as useful to avoid style confrontations with an Esquire guy along the gutter.


Sometimes a poorly tailored/ill-fitting outfit is the worst. Shine user Bowhead said that when clothing hangs on a guy it make him look like he lacks confidence. Erin agrees. “I don’t know about you all, but I like a guy to show off a good figure if he’s got it.” [Clothing that is too big/doesn’t fit properly]

In retrospect, I myself am guilty of this. With my physique, I always go to buy brand new cute graphic shirts that are fit but kind of skimpy (Lol), or otherwise bitin.

Imma Pitcher, Baby

They’re alright for kids, but what about on men? Shine user Chrissy says, “The one I can’t stand is that every guy that has a day off from work must wear a ball cap. Criminy, let it go!” User sun2go echoed this sentiment. “Baseball caps belong at a game or participating in some outdoor activity. Period!” [Baseball hats]

What’s wrong with baseball hats?! My father and I have a lot of these at home. Then again, it’s just my dad and I.

Bling (Confessions of a King)

9% of our readers think loads of bling is an eyesore. One good rule of thumb is to wear less than your lady. [Too much jewelry]

Pardon the The Killers song, but I’m happy with a watch, necklace, and some baller. I was never a fan of the gangsta vibe. No offense to the hiphop generation.

Model Immaterial

If the man in question looked like this in a tank, perhaps women wouldn’t mind. But user suchaclevergirl isn’t feeling this trend. “[White tank top undershirts] worn as main shirt? GROSS. Who wants to see your hairy pits? Put a real shirt on!!” [White Undershirts]

Of course, I could never have the gall to pull this habit off. Aside from I’m too shy to show to the entire world my anatomy except when I’m at the beach or in my room, I ain’t no Calvin Klein hotshot anyway. Rofl.

Tights! Leggings!

SnarkyMonkey quipped, “Why has no one said men wearing pants that are too tight and/or with women’s cuts? To me that trumps anything on the list.” In fact, tight jeans received many write-in votes. [Skinny jeans]

To be honest, I only have a single pair of skinny jeans. And it’s not that skinny itself. You all know somehow I can’t imagine my legs desperate, trapped, airless in denim. Never.

Treasure Chest

We considered these an obvious fashion faux pas, but readers felt strongly that fanny packs were the worst accessory ever. Shine user Ryann asked, “How is it that fanny packs are not up there? They’re right up there with *shivers* socks ‘n’ sandals.”[Fanny packs]

Who even wears those these days? Well, aside from those who find living in some illegal activity or tax-collecting.

Sexy, Not

These teeny swimsuits for guys may be accepted more internationally, but 17% of Shine readers feel they are a major no-no. “Speedos?! Most guys just CANNOT pull it off,” says Shine user bookaholic1. “Wearing speedos and looking hot is a talent, which unfortunately most men who love to wear them are not gifted with.” [Speedos]


The Grandfather

19% of those polled thought sandals with socks were the worst offense. Really, we just don’t get it. If it’s warm enough to wear sandals, just let your toes breathe. Otherwise, wear real shoes![Sandals in socks]

I used to do this when I was young, when those Timberland sandals were a hit.

Yo Momma

Though it wasn’t an easy decision for some to make, saggy jeans received 18% of the vote and by far the most angry comments. “I have to vote for one?! I suppose the baggy jeans bother me the most to the point of disgust,” wrote Emily. Male user MichaelN agrees that this style has overstayed its welcome. “1993 fashion statement. It’s 2010, time to give it up.” [Baggy/saggy pants]

Never was a fan of this anyway. I used to have three pairs, and two were I think, Dickies. Can’t find them now. Must’ve burned them by my guardian angel.

We Rock!!!

A whopping 21% voted Ed Hardy items to be the most offensive fashion crime. Shine user Emily commented, “I think a man should look put together, not like he’s still lost in high school with the Ed Hardy tees.” Erin is baffled by their popularity writing, “What I don’t understand is how Ed Hardy is still in business, since everyone seems to hate it so much (including me).” [Ed Hardy and ther blaring labels]

Nuff said (Lee, Stan, 2007).

PS I think I’m gonna be ll. Nurse please. 😦

Clothing that is too big/doesn’t fit properly


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Hey Barry!

    I agree with your take on baseball caps: They’re essential accessories to a guy. Messed up hair? Bad haircut? Don a cap!

    I second the motion on all other male fashion violations that they voted for. I was never a fan of the blings (well, maybe a single dog-tag is okay). I gave up baggy pants for well-fitting jeans. And I stopped strapping on fanny packs after primary school.

    Basically, my wardrobe consists of styles that I can wear for my whole life. Classical. In other words, “not of modern fashion, not of trends.”

    P.S.: I also have a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t really skinny. (Loose-skinny?)


    • I was seriously a fan of baseball hats esp in high school. I had hair that is so unruly it needed to be engulfed haha.

      You’re right. I think it’s better to wear something that can be worn even after the trends devolve into obsolescence 🙂

      PS You’re referring to semi-fit type of pants.

  2. Haha, thanks for sharing this one. I personally think that these are somehow true and some are undeniably a fashion don’t. Except the skinny jeans.

    I do think that skinny on men sometimes looks good if you know the size of your legs enough plus the right skinny jeans. Sometimes it’s just disastrous if you do it the other way around like the wrong jeans for your legs or something like that.

    • I’m not so much into skinny jeans cos I think my tallness feels too awkward for it. Nevertheless, as long as you don’t look awful in it, it’s always a yes 🙂

  3. I agree with everything on their list. Baseball caps should be worn during sports events. =P

  4. I think skinny jeans look good if one is tall. Most of my jeans are somewhat on the skinny side and I like it since it gives me this nice form and silhouette.

    And I agree with Robbie regarding with baseball caps!

    • Hmm I’m tall and I haven’t completely evaluated yet if it does look good on me or not haha

      I think though that when one is bulky, skinny jeans are overkill. 🙂

  5. Skinny jeans are for Jonas Brothers only!!! BUWAHAHAHA. Napaka-disney ko talaga. :))

  6. we have this crotch pants right? the skinny-baggy fit. haha! ang gulo talaga ng mundo. haha

  7. I like women who dress well. Now when it comes to men, I don’t really know when to say that someone dresses well because well, they all kind of look the same to me. And I don’t really pay attention to what men wear, my eyes go directly to the face. Booyah! :p

    And how many people do I have to ask to vote there to increase the 9% to like, 99% (Blings as eyesores)?

  8. @ BarryCyrus..!
    basta ako…
    gusto ko…
    yung fit sa akin yung damit..!
    di ako comportable kapag…
    feeling ko kasi…
    naka pang tulog ako..! 😉

  9. First time to your blog and I really enjoyed reading this 🙂 Most of this stuff is SOOO true! I do think baseball caps are fine in a casual setting, however. Just please don’t take a girl on a date while wearing one for a few reasons: a) she’ll probably dress up and not appreciate the look as if you didn’t put any effort in, b) it makes kissing extraordinarily awkward, c) if it’s hot out it causes you to sweat where the brim touches your head and if you are getting up close and personal, she doesn’t want to see that.

    Anyway, I thought your blog was great!

  10. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the loose pants, with the underpants slightly showing off. Seriously, that’s disgusting.

  11. Very good advice. I like to wear Hurley hats probably a bit too much.

    I got a tattoo of an Ed Hardy hat on my shoulder.


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