It’s Britney/Brittany, Bitch!

Sorry Charice, John Stamos, Daniel Radcliffe and Javier Bardem (Congrats Mr. Penelope Cruz!) and your supposed rigodon de honor to Glee, but a Brittany-centric Britney Spears-tribute episode is all that I need and I’m in ecstasy.

She actually gets to sing two songs daw. Don’t care which is which cos we’ve waited too long for this. I’m so excited  now! Meow! [TV Guide]


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  1. omayghaad. okay. babawiin ko na ang sinabi ko na hindi ako manonood ng second season dahil kay charice. 😀

  2. nyaon pa lang ako nanonood ng gLee, late ako, hahahaha pero im proud gleek na… yeah

  3. hmmm… i am, too, if that’s true. I’ve been wondering why they wouldn’t let her sing.

    And I also think they should give Santana more singing scenes. she has such a nice voice!

  4. Brittany is my favorite…the same reason why I love Patrick Star.
    They’re so stupid, they make sense! 😀

    • Check! haha Plus Chelsea of That’s So Raven, Karen Smith, etc. for that matter.

      Hi Ate Wap!

      PS the one above your comment is Ate Kaye, an MCO founder! Cool, right?! 🙂

      • hahaha! talagang inintroduce.

        shhhhh…malalaman ng lahat kung gano na ko katanda! wahahahaha! oh well, i don’t keep it a secret, anyway.

        hi, Wap!

  5. The person who’s not excited about the Brit episode must out of his mind. Haha, Brittany is my one and only…LOVE!


  7. Haha, YES finally! 🙂 This is going to be epic

    I feel like it would be ironic if she sang Womanizer because she’s been with like every guy in the school.

  8. heksayted ako sa season ngaung kasali c charice.

    lets see kung pano xa patataubin ni rachel.


  9. hindi ako makarelate kasi walang glee dito. puro tfc
    gusto niyo wowowee 3x a day ahahah

    hindi ko talaga hinanap minsan ang glee sa youtube. sorry naman sa akin.

    be blessed sir!

  10. I wanna see it! Not because I’m a fan of glee, but Britney Spears is one of my favorite female singers. Yay!

  11. Waw! Easily one of my favorite characters of the show! I’m glad we finally get to hear her sing and that she gets more airtime. 😀

  12. Minsan nahihiya akong magkoment dito dahil puro English ang nagkokoment. Dahil may nakita na akong nagtagalog, eto na. Adik na adik ako kay Puck! Gusto ko ng palitan ang pangalan ko ng Caroline! =)

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