I’m Sorry for Being Human (AUDIO POST)

Ever since God transformed me into a worthless bum, my blog has been my life. Now it has come to a point that I’m doing audio posts to channel away the boredom. Yes, to prove to you guys that I’m indeed human, I just made myself a stupid podcast. (Please tell me if my voice sounds creepy here.) It’s in English. English kasi yung WordPress operator language. Nahiya naman pOwZh me. Haha. Labo.

Hi. This is Barry and, uhh, I’m just testing this Audio Voice Post care of WordPress. It’s an awesome feature. That’s it. (long stupid silence that eats up prepaid load) Is it working?

I’ve figured that I’ve said “audio voice post” which is undeniably redundant. I used to call this innovation “Podcast” but then again, it’s too old-school. I tried to do podcasts before but it struck me wearisome to provide for the woodwork and do some editing, uploading, etc. In WordPress however, I just needed to call this number abroad and get myself spared of all the trouble. Except for the credit that it inevitably swallows. If you listened to my puny, pseudo-English, it really is kinda clear. Plus it auto-uploads. Yeah, awesome stuff. [Phone Your Blog]


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Haha. Nice one, it’s working!
    Try ko din mag-audio post for sometime para naman mapatunayan ko ding human ako kahit papano. Haha

  2. HAHAHAHHA Barry–yun lang!

    Nakakatawa talaga yung “long,stupid silence” and the “is it working?” that followed after. parang may kausap ka talaga eh noh?!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA long, stupid silence it is! medyo di ko narinig yung ‘is it working?’ the first time i listened to it.

  4. Just about a week ago I was thinking about making an audio post. Okay, was that really an audio post you did? Or were you paid by WP to test their media player or whatever that’s called?. :p

    Anyways, your voice doesn’t match with what you look like aka I didn’t imagine you having that big of a voice. You sound.. scary. :))

  5. i tried that phone your blog feature. when i heard my voice, i deleted the post. haha. bad exposure!

  6. Haha. “Is it working?” – Funny. I think I wanna try it, too. :))

  7. Hey Barry!

    Yeah, it’s working. I was a bit taken back by your deep baritone, though you sound good. I wasn’t expecting that “long stupid silence” to be that long; how much of your airtime was eaten up?


  8. I can speak therefore I am? LOL. I heard of someone who replies to blog comments by posting videos. Which is nuts.



  10. It’s working, not that scary or creepy ahahah sineryoso ko.
    never tried that. pangit ang audio ko kahit nung nasa talk show kami sa campus radio station pinagtitiyagaan lang nila ahahah

    be blessed!

    • Yey my voice isn’t that scary/creepy for you! 🙂

      naks naman. tumtutalk show haha

      • ano lang yun community radio yun kasi eh. basta alam mo yun diba s aUP meron din? kaso ang amin more on agriculture parang elbi lang kasi agri-based ang iskul namin.

        oo hindi pa scary ang voice mo.

      • I also did host briefly sa isang DZUP show two years ago hehe It was titled Flop Tops: The pop hits and splits over the waves featuring some stuff I would likely post here in my blog. 🙂 Trivia lang.

  11. ok, so i’m not human. hahaha!
    did you just giggle before you asked (yourself) if it’s working?

  12. nakakahiya ang sa amin ang title lang actually “Kabataang May K”
    values integration/oriented program siya.

    yun ang slot mnamin pero bago ako naggrad ay ibinigay na lahat ng slots ng campus radio sa mga AB English at DevCom at isang slot sa high school na sa Elbi din naman nakapagtapos. Nasurprise nga ako eh yung dalawang djs dun ay instructors na sa college kung saan ako naggrad. Magagaling naman sila pero hindi maiaalis na anak sila ng VP at Profs dun.

  13. wow. cool. whats up with the long pause? ahaha

  14. ahaha, nagulat ako may boses! ahaha, but sounds nice.. hehe


  15. nalulungkot ako. bulok ang laptop ko. sira ang speakers. hindi ko mapakinggan 😦

  16. whoa. yes, it’s working, Barry.
    nagulat naman ako sa boses mo. creeeeepy. haha kidding.

  17. haha, way to work the technology

  18. Ahhh. Tatawag ka tapos auto post? Cool!

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