Mind Wanking Real-Time

What’s specifically delightful about Chrisopher Nolan’s Inception is that betwixt the sick, endless, John Nash-ish questioning on the complexities of human’s consciousness, you’d still understand it. You might have napped as soon as you arrived home (cos I know I did), but you’d still know what the hell was going on. He just outright knows your worst nightmare and he brings it to your silly face.

Dom Cobb: What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it.

You’re like everyone else, who is frightened by the thought of losing consciousness aka technically fully-operative sanity. You simply find that one of the most horrifying mysteries in life– Dreams-– has got to do with your existential crisis.

Dom Cobb strongly played by Leonardo DiChubby (Pic from IMDB)

See, I happened to listen to a gripping lecture by no less than Randy David last year. He discussed that the film The Matrix, of the Wachowski brothers: a probable inspiration of Nolan, or just an ineffable comparison, was a shock to our movie-viewing psychophysics because the film showed the two greatest human apocalyptic fears: The loss of life and the loss of, yes, consciousness.

As The Matrix (no, not the sequels where Trinity might’ve gratuitously forgotten to apply Nivea moisturizer) tries and succeeds to be sociological, by proposing that maybe, the universe is in a robots-conspired limbo hence Marxist or symbolic interactionist, Inception arrives as psychological. What if your individual system has something more to offer? What if your subconscious is not as timidly credulous as your conscious self? What if?


Ariadne and Cobb try to figure things out (Pic by IMDB)

The entire principle goes when Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiChubby) and his wife Mal (Marionne  Cotillard) are residing inside their surreal universe,. Then eventually, they get so engrossed that the latter had gone off the rails. Mal fails to identify what’s supposedly real and not anymore. Then again, when you feel like intellectual-masturbating, how real is “real?”

Notable favorite scenes of the movie include Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur and his zero-gravity fight scenes (Summer Finn feels so uncool for this. Lol!), Arthur-Ariadne pseudo-improvised smack (The moment hipster-ish Ellen Page first appeared, I instantly cheered, “It’s Kitty Pryde! Oh, Juno Macguff!”), and Tom-Hardy‘s-character-in-disguise-as-Browning-Fisher Jr. at the warehouse (cocky Eamas absolutely five thumbs up, five cos you’re a mutant,  as a “forger”).

And as for the part that really sapped me whole? Nolan collecting all the flashbacks and juxtaposing them to the disturbing wedding anniversary scene atop the suite ledge. He makes it so dramatic, romantic and yet psychotic at the same time. I died.

Joseph "Tom Hansen" Gordon-Levitt goes bad-ass as Arthur (Pic from IMDB)

Interestingly, I have this psych theory that really got into me in college about “the conscious being.” Twas somehow influenced by Greg Iles’ sci-fi-thriller book Footprints of God. Might be inane but still sane. I’ll reveal it next time, yes?

PS Do you remember last week when I thought I dreamt a “double “dream? I haven’t mastered inception but at least I know I reached dream state two! Take that! I feel astute. Haha. Read the post HERE. Don’t laugh.

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  1. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I want too! 🙂 And maaaaaan, I’m in a sociology class right now and just got online to take a study break and you had to go talk about sociology and psychology. Some study break! haha

    But actually, this does sound really interesting, now when I watch the movie I think a part of me is going to want to analyze the whole thing

  2. I loved this movie, it’s currently my favorite.

  3. Hey Barry!

    Yeah, I remembered your double dream. Try going deeper. 😀

    I love this film! Very inquisitive and it definitely respects its audience (i.e., respects their intellect). I’m now a Christopher Nolan fan.

    As for the “disturbing wedding anniversary” scene, it actually made me laugh. I don’t know why. It’s just. . . funny. . .

    Good thing you enjoyed it.


  4. Hindi ko binasa yung post entry, I know its all about “Inception”..eh kase di ko pa napapanood baka ma spoil, hehe..nga pala exchange links, man?

  5. Maganda nga daw ito sir barry. I have to get a copy sa mga kapwa pinoys dito. Chubby ba si Titanic boy? baka dahil lang role para mas mahimbing ang paftulog niya at managinip siya.

    I agree sa loss of life and consciousness. Parang mga ice caps lang daw kasi 1/3 lang nakalitaw. Ayokong manakawan ng panaginip at hindi na makabalik ahahha

  6. What is marketing intelligence?

  7. the movie = MINDSTURBATION at its best. 🙂

  8. dropping by …

    I’ve yet to see this on weekend … excited!! 🙂

  9. yeah! the mandatory incepetion post. naiinggit na ako ah. hahaha!
    dibale i have other things to wank and it’s not what you think
    defensive? haha

  10. and ngayon lang ako naliwanagan… an idea. tama! i thought dora said no idea :))
    bingi ako. haha

  11. Awesome review.

    Liked it more than a warm bowl of cheddar.

    Seriously, good stuff.

  12. I must watch The Matrix again. I knew it did have a lot to say, for a Hollywood film, especially with its philosophical shit and its own stance on politics but all that seemed to be lost in the acrobatic moves and Keanu Reeves’ hilarious unintentional monotony.

    Maybe just for Joseph Gordon-Levitt sporting that excessive-gel look, I’ll give Inception a chance. But I won’t promise that I’ll go scream “T’is an awesome film” as I’ve never been a Nolan fan even in his indie-film days. (Now, he’s a sellout.) Memento bored the hell out of me, trying to be so original and stylish that it forgot how to be spontaneous and stimulating. In other words, other than its twists, it was such a dullard. Overrated. NEXT! Hahaha.

    • Haven’t seen Memento yet but the poster was so intriguing!

      Watch only the first installment of The Matrix if you want to mind-wank as well. The others went downhill like the usual sequel in some Hollywood trilogy crap. The Wachowski bros got it very socio-political for a Keanu Reeves, yep. (Off-topic: you must see the Sad Keanu picspams over Tumblr! They’re made of win haha)

      And I guess Gordon-Levitt did an awesome job here. He totally jumped off from his 500 Days preppy stereotype. And Inception didn’t exactly make me feel dumb or whatever. I got the story, well at least more than 70% of it. So yeah, I’m smart that way hahaha kidding. It’s disturbing for a speculative fiction format. 🙂

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