Jenny Raving from the Block

The first four Taylors you might meet in heaven could include Swift, Lautner, Hanson, and, grumble now, Hicks. The controversial Taylor Momsen will sashay to hell without even trying. Her  forked tongue has caused her negative publicity but she’s not affording some damn anyway. As of her leave  as Jenny Humphrey in the yawn-producing Gossip Girl, she’s fronting out some awesome rock music with The Pretty Reckless.

“I don’t care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we’ll go along for the ride[…] I think the Disney bubblegum shit that the world is living right now is pathetic. I thought we passed that repression.” [Hollywood Gossip]

Yeah, Taylor could be a bad role model to teens by cursing a lot, smoking at 16, firing her own stylist, or shooting a flamethrower at “Miley fucking Cyrus,” but on a radical side, the 17-year-old could be what teens nowadays really ARE like. They’re rebellious, creative, weary of the system and, for the best part, they write their own songs! It doesn’t matter more if she sports a ridiculous raccoon make-up, and out-punks Courtney Love altogether. Taylor, to the least bit, has a stand on musical taste.

Goodbye Jenny from Brooklyn (Pic from

Well, where was I again? Oh, the band The Pretteeii Reckless! Yeah! The  The Last Supper meets Corpse Bride meets The Ring music video of their latest single, “Miss Nothing,” was more than impressive I must say. Taylor rocks with her waifish arms and legs  messing up the buffet table. Her raspy contralto makes it all bearable. I don’t sincerely get why fans are talking about it as being “racy.” Ugh, people, go wash the dishes with your grandmother’s gloves. For me, it’s edgy and sexy. That’s it.

I’m miss autonomy, miss nowhere
I’m at the bottom of me
Miss androgyny, miss don’t care
What I’ve done to me
I am misused, I don’t wanna do
Be not your slave
Misguided, I mind it, I’m missin the train.
And I don’t know where I’ve been
And I don’t know what I’m into
And I don’t know what I’ve done to me
And as I watch you disappear into the ground
My one mistake was that I never let you down
So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind
On miss nothing, miss everything
I’m miss fortune miss so soon
I’m like a bottle of pain
Miss matter you had her
now she’s goin’ away
I’m misused, misconstrued
I don’t need to be saved
Miss slighted, I mind it
I’m stuck in the rain
And I don’t know where I am
And I don’t know what I’m into
And I don’t know what I’ve done to me
And as I watch you disappear into the ground
My one mistake was that I never let you down
So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind
On miss nothing, miss everything
Miss stealing, Miss everything
And as I watch you disappear into my head
Well, there’s a man who’s telling me I might be dead
So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind
So I’ll waste my time, and I’ll burn my mind
On Miss Nothing, Miss Everything!

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. were you referring to Taylor Hanson? sorry.

    Raccoon eyes girl is scary. LOL. it’s racy for some maybe because she’s under aged? there are still conservative people in the world and Disney music is for kids, tweens, teens, and adults who are young at heart. Too much eye make up. Demi Lovato is known for wearing too much eye make up as well but not like Momsen’s. She looks like someone who’s trying to look cool, or at least, that’s how i see it. She’s making noise by dissing other artists in her peers. The song is ok for me, but not loving it.

    • Oh yeah, Hanson pala! haha my bad, nadala ako sa MomSEN :p

      Apparently, someone doesn’t like Taylor that much I see. Hehe. It’s okay. I think her point with the Disney “repression” is that people have gone too dreamy and wistful, such that they think everything in reality is as cheesy as how Hannah Montana, or Camp Rock could get. I think she may have some point actually. Ironically though, she was one of the top three picks for Hannah Montana before the role diverted to Miley Cyrus.

      And since she’s just turning 17 some time today, I think she’s just finding herself with that kind of make-up and personality. Y’all know how teens could get. (On second thought, I’m still 19 haha.)

  2. oh i forgot to mention, she’s too white to wear that much eye liner. that’s why it looks scary. not scary for me, scary for kids mebbe.

  3. i read/saw somewhere that she carries knives when she travels.

    i’m all for creativity and individuality, but i think there’s something seriously wrong with her.
    and if 17-year olds these days are like her, then i’m glad i spent my teens in the 90’s.

    i feel sorry for her. so angry at a young age, one might think she was abused. or she had a very sad childhood.

    creative, yes. original, hardly.

    • You’ve been mistaken! She actually said that she brings her vibrator aka her “best friend” or something when she goes around. Lol.

      Of course, there’s something wrong with someone who got exposed to the media at two years-old. That we have to understand 🙂

      I think she’s original rather than creative. Her expressiveness surpasses her way of expression. Whatever that means :p

  4. Taylor Momsen is really something and I do somewhat like her on Gossip Girl.

  5. i think she’s cute. hopefully, she’s not one those who bite you on the neck and suck your blood. 🙂

  6. I do like Taylor and about the Disney ‘repression’, she got some point but she’s a bit overboard I think. Opposing everything sweet and turning to this rebellious girl is not that likable at all. The video is so ‘The Ring’, haha she creeps me out on that table.


  8. Taylor Momsen is THE BITCH, Gossip Girl or no Gossip Girl. Anyone who’s effing Miley Cyrus (isama na natin si Justin Beiber) rocks!

  9. Hmmm. I kinda like her. Music’s not that bad either. And I don’t find the video racy.

    I think all her drama is just cause of her age. Some people need the Disney bubblegum shit, like young kids. She doesn’t have to listen to them y’know.

  10. I really like her. But the video…her voice’s really nice but there’s no connect w/ the lyrics and the theme of her video. Parang pretentious pa nga ang dating. Trying too hard? Anyway, I like the genre. It’s not racy at all. Let’s give that title to the pop princesses.

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