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A Tale Addressed to the Telecomm Tyrants

Not even the Incredible Hulk can contain losing a network signal at random

At 11PM Saturday last week, my sim card indiscriminately lost signal.

I was just using for three hours then a promo of 24-hour unlimited calls and texts for a meager Php25. All of a sudden, I can’t get into the network; hence no texts, no calls, incoming or outgoing. It’s like being insurrected by feared Spanish friars. I initially thought there was something wrong with my about five-year-old sim or with John Casey Pearson (named after Chuck’s NSA colonel and Skins actress April Pearson who have the same Motorola phones as I am). So I did the basic troubleshooting— switch sims and phones. At midnight, it struck me: My sim card’s busted. But it wasn’t blocked or anything since my phonebook and messages still exist. My phone’s signal was only nowhere to be found. And I had to arrange a kind of movie meet-up with my HS classmates on a Sunday by texting/calling them around. Enter Alanis Morisette: Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

( The subscriber cannot be bitched. Please try again later… )


Not Everything is about Lindsay Lohan

With the technology jumping around in this era, it isn’t too hard to involve yourself in a consensually-produced video of fornication, is it? Without these technology around then although, Old Hollywood yet fusty had its share of destructive rampage of sex, drugs and crime scandals which LiLo herself will feel over-the-top.

Thanks to The World’s Greatest: Hollywood Scandals by Robin Cross and John Marriott, I finally have myself another role model aka life peg: Bob Mitchum. (I still remember him as the frightening Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter.) A close second would be Alma Rubens who managed to stitch 40 morphine in her dresses, got caught and eluded the authorities by saying she’s been “framed.” Classy.

Anti Name-discrimination

If you were named after a universal food seasoning, would you feel pleased? Pardon my name discrimination tendencies but since there’s nothing unlawful about it, I might as well raise a mono-brow at Phillip Noyce’s lead character Evelyn Salt in Salt. I believe people should be given gracious, respectable names. It’s not even enough that you’re sizzling, pouting, dyed Angelina Jolie. ( Read more… )

Currently in Culture

Did you buy Philippine Star Supreme this morning? Oh well supportive lazybones, here’s Best of the Week and its craziness written by Irvin Cortez and myself:

  • Employee of the Month: Jenny Porterfield and her resig letter
  • Anti-Spam Ingenuity Award: World’s Longest Addie
  • Song of the Week: You Changed My Life in a Moment by Harry Bruder
  • Vendetta of the Week: Nadja Benaissa and HIV
  • Our Daily Bread of the Week: When the Holies Tweet
  • OMFD of the Week: Serena vdW “plays the field” in Paris
  • Beauty of the Week: Venus Raj
  • Guest stars of the Week: Everyone in Glee?
  • Icon of the Week: Dora the Explorer
  • Go See of the Week: Folded & Hung Streetcast

( Read full article here… ) And what would a writer’s life be without an erratum? I left out a minor yet significant detail for the fans of Dora Marquez. Saaaarry, it was supposed to be Monday for her formal primetime Nickelodeon birthday *celeb*. Not Tuesday. Oh well, spank me yo Latina. (Racism never meant.) Cheers to all.