Fade to Black

One subtle symptom that you’re (kinda) missing college is when you long to be that then asinine, happy-go-lucky freshman who had to look up to some upperclassmen for “guidance.” I especially felt that way recently when I had to go to an org event care of Kea saving my shrunken wallet. I had to be fine  foremost with being called an alumnus when some meager 15 units passed like it was just, uh well, yesterday.

So yeah, UP MCO‘s Culmination Night had the theme Bigger, Bolder, Better, which specifically asked everyone to be clad in sexy black semi-formal. (Did you know that blogger-friend Kaye is a founder circa 1993??) I have a good range of black shirts and jackets but since I wasn’t that prepared, I just had to grab my black Esprit vest to be in line with the norm.

MCO Night at Alex Grill (Pics by Jedd Hernandez and Kim Tan)

We had it kind of bitin for an exquisite dining in Alex Grill (that fruit salad FTW!!!) due to the poor attendance. Anyhow, it was undoubtedly lovely to see the resident members (most likely I haven’t chatted for a good bit back), and of course, my fellow alumni.

After the dinner, Patty (aka “Oh, it’s Ruth Miguel!”) who dropped by, drove us alumni straight to Music Bank for the karaoke session after. It was a déjà vu moment back from last year’s same event. Only this time, I don’t get to cross-dress as a blondie with a puppy anymore. Also only this time, I am unemployed. Sucks.

MCO Alumni at Music Match, Tomas Morato (Pics by Dreo Calonzo)

What sucked more was Music Bank chock-full on a Friday night, so we just headed to Music Match, a relatively cheaper ktv haven.

So there we were– crooning, screeching, belting out Bonnie Tyler, when some asinine, happy-go-lucky me had to look up to some upperclassmen for guidance, passed like it was just, uh well, yesterday.

Congrats UP MCO at 17! (Pic by Janina Capistrano)


Before I had to blog bout this, it took maybe 20 full minutes of WordPress lag. 😦 I never saw that coming. Please don’t be like Twitter/Tumblr for that matter. That was frustrating.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Hi Barry!

    It’s been two years since I graduated, and I still miss college. Heck, I miss being a student! It’s funny ’cause just when you’re done with academics, you suddenly have an idea on how to get better grades, manage schooling time, and possibly be a dean’s lister. Which is why you ‘wanna do it again!


  2. hey there.

    thanks for the mention…so sorry, like I told you before, there was no way I’d make it since place is too far…my UP days are long gone, and travelling to Quezon City on a Friday just isn’t possible. But thanks for writing about it here…sayang pala there were few who made it…

    and i realized, next year, 18 years na siya…may debutante na kami! hahahaha! (which just amplified the fact that I am already old. boohoo!!!)

  3. I definitely miss being a college student where I can be careless and stupid and it was OK. Hahahaha. Life just seemed so much more fun then when the only things you are worrying about is passing a class.

  4. asinine (T_T) – kinukulang ang vocabulary ko, bwahahahaha!
    ktv kills me and my great singing voice. i just go there to uhmm… chat and eat? hahaha

  5. @ BarryCyrus..!
    ako din..!
    miss ko ang college..!
    to think..,
    mahigit isang dekada na…
    ang lumilipas..!
    i was the…
    president naman of…
    our college student body…
    kapag inauguration…
    ng mga bagong officers…
    invited din kami..!
    natutuwa ako kapag…
    nakikilala ko yung…
    mga past and present leaders nung org..!
    minsan nga lang…
    hindi talaga nakukumpleto…
    busy na ang lahat..! 😦

  6. flashback scenes filled in my mind. and ayoko balikan pagiging freshman ko:

    mantakin ba namang: rumampa sa stage na nakatrunks lang at nakaspotlight, naguidance dahil sa word na “because”, nagkaro’n ng apat na gf (lahat naloko), atbp… yun lang muna… hahahhaa!

  7. Some kinda..kakamiss nga eh, keze..you know..so tagal na eh.

    Barry, kinukumbulsyon talaga ako kapag nagda-drop by me here, parang ang painful ng ass ko eh..sowee..

    Hi Barry.

  8. Hi Barry. Ang sakit sa bangs magkoment dito buti na lang nakita ko na yung kalokohang koment ni Jakul kaya keri ko na magkoment. Hahaha.

    Noong high school, namiss ko ang elementary days. Noong college, namiss ko ang high school layp. Ngayong nagtatrabaho, pinaka na mi miss ko ang college. Parang relasyon na gusto mong balikbalikan pero alam mong hindi na pwede.

  9. pwede ba i-like yung comment ni jkuli?

    at ni salbehe na rin.. so true..

  10. Main Entry: as·i·nine
    Pronunciation: \ˈa-sə-ˌnīn\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Latin asininus, from asinus ass
    Date: 15th century

    1 : extremely or utterly foolish
    2 : of, relating to, or resembling an ass
    synonyms: simple


    Like you katulad mo i was also ako rin ay a simple ay simpleng student estudyante. xD

    Kahit alam ko na I have what it takes, kuntento na ako dun sa passing. Hindi ko kasi ugali yung maging sikat lol. Kaya nung college bihira ako pumapasok usually pag-exam lang, pero pumapasa (yabang lol). Mas matagal pa ata ako sa computer shop nun kesa sa loob ng classroom.

    Isa lang na bagay ang gusto kong ulitin sa college. Bilang isang ganap (ata) na programmer now at bilang comsci student dati, gusto kong ulitin ang thesis. Pero mag-isa. Yung walang ibang iniisip na kasama (na po-problemahin, pero yung isa alam ko naman nageffort, the other two no comment). What we did in school for two sems ng thesis, gagawin ko na lang today ng 2 months (with the same schooling schedule).


  11. ur so right parekoy, i miss going back to that place..
    pwedeng malate. pwedeng umabsent, pwedeng mag psp at net all day.
    dito ngayon sa office, bawal malate, mahirap magleave, bawal mag psp at patago kung magnet, parang ngayon. hahaha. i like your post barry!!

  12. That’s nice. I bet that I’ll be missing the student life once I am done with it. Especially that we usually have tons of parties or events at school.

  13. saya naman jan, kaka miss tuloy 🙂

  14. Bigger, Bolder, Better — rocks!

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