Waking Up in Vigan

To get away from some job-hunting predicaments, I finally decided to spend some vacation days here in Ilocos. (No, actually my father decided it for me, thanks.) Beforehand, it felt weird that the Partas bus station was almost desolate— me being used to lining up for tickets with fellow passengers in bomber jackets (aren’t there any OTHER type of jackets to wear during travel?). But whatever now.

  • So first for this roundup, I know I’m not the only glad person in the country when Wowowee was cut off the boob tube universe. Oversexualization of women, and insurmountable greed for money make me want to put myself on fire. Still, Pilipinas Win na Win led by Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla IMO is a flop supposedly for a replacement. An apparent carbon copy of Wowowee, it has the same game formats, same sponsors, same set of back-up hosts (I’m cool with Mariel Rodriguez and Pokwang, but please Valerie Concepcion, you’re a noise pollutant), same set design, even same font type for the OBB! Only in here, Binoy, Mariel and Pokwang act like high school tweens starring the first as the poetic jock, the second as the Queen Bee, and the third as the mean girl meddler.
  • I had the strong urge to go watch Salt, judging from how Angelina Jolie rocks a grown, fierce Emily-the-Strange fugitive. But I finally thought of ditching it for the pirates. I mean leave it to McG for espionage movies and TV shows. For me, that’s it.
  • Speaking of McG, Chuck is back in my life. I’m currently sifting in Season Three and hell, I can only conclude of Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) being a flawless Daniel Shaw and Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, why the Superman-esque casting?) being an oblivious, almost-pesky Hannah. I heard a few stars are coming to become guests (Stacy Keibler, Lou Ferrigno WTF!). And Nicole Richie is also bringing the S in Slut back.

Kristin Kreuk prepped up! (Pic from Chuck TV Fanatic)

  • I got my fourth job interview last Monday with my interrogator in the person of, yes, Yoshke Dimen. (Twas my first time to meet another blogger-friend so hoorah for me!) For the record, my first interview = FUN and flattering such that I didn’t mind NOT getting the job in the first place. Second interview = successful for a part-time. Third interview = heartbreaking for all Zeus knows! Nevertheless, for whatever comes along, I hope I just get what I deserve right?
  • Saw my orgmates Marji and Vince at Kenny Roger’s, Katipunan that night (my weekly refuge is their Combo three with mac&cheese side dish). And with them plus some others I occasionally cross paths with in the place, I seriously admit that indeed I miss UP JMA.
  • You guys, if you’re looking for something to do, the org has a lot of events coming this month including the artsy, sceney PubEvent, and Ad Hoc Press Launch. NOTE TO BLOGGERS: Ad Hoc is the Biggest College Party in the Metro for years. See thiz and thiz. So yeah, if you want to experience thiz, just comment below and Marji can add you up in the guest list for the press launch. And maybe in the actual party later, who knows. You’re in or you’re out, bitches. Hah!
UP JMA Adhoc at the World Trade Center (Pic from UPJMAAdHoc.com)

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Hey Barry!

    Yes! Take that vacation and enjoy it! Relax and come back thoroughly revitalized.

    About Pilipinas Win na Win, the show is obviously owned by Kris Aquino. The other hosts simply can’t blend-in with her caliber. ABS-CBN shouldn’t have put all of them together since Pokwang and company look like “backup hosts.”

    Enjoy your vacation!


    • Gee thanks!

      But Kris manages to claim yesterday that PWNW was “educational.” That was on her part as she had less to learn about life coming from a wealthy clan. haha.

      Whatevs it is, at least the show’s better than Wowowee. Barfs.

  2. Hey again!

    She said that? Oh well . . .

    Anyhow, I’ve seen the show just once so I may be biased.

    By the way, you’re really from Ilocos? Eh di, maawatam isu Ilocano?

    Eh-he-he! 😀

  3. Hey,

    This is great. Kasla nga chat ti IM. And no, haan nga sponsored diyay phone ko. He! He!


  4. enjoy your vacation! haven’t seen a single episode of the show so i’m not sure if i’d agree or not. hehe

  5. madami din natuwa sa mga tfc subscribers sa pagkawala ng wowowee
    madami din daaw nalungkot
    PWNW yung jingle or song nila ay parang nangangampanya lang but the whole program is much better than wowowee

    i-tour mo kami sa vigan sir
    new na naman ang header mo sir nice one again.

    be blessed po! back on blog hop na ako ulit eheeheh

  6. Barry! Let’s adhoc! I miss yooooou! :))

  7. Enjoy, Ilocos! 🙂

  8. Yoshke Dimen, as in The Yoskhe Dimen? Hahaha. So how was it? 😀

  9. @ BarryCyrus..!
    isa ako…
    sa mga…
    nang mawala si willie…
    sa channel 2..!
    ok lang sa akin na…
    mawala ang wowowee..!
    medyo ok din lang sa akin ang…
    pilipinas win na win..!
    miski pa…
    clone siya ng…
    ang ayoko…
    ay si padilla..!
    mukha siyang tuod..!
    di siya bagay na host..! 😉

  10. Don’t get me started with that Pilipinas, Win na Win. I mean, seriously, since when did Robin Padilla start to be a noontime show host?

    Angelina looks hot in Salt. And this is coming from a gay man. :p

  11. gah. i cant stand valerie too. blech.

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