The Ghosts of Nineties Past

Oh My Fuckin’ Gods (that’s with an S, hence not blasphemous enough for the squeamish), I finally get published in Philippine Star Supreme! I’m so happy right now you don’t even know! So yeah, the following is my debut article as a contributor and… wala lang, I just feel ecstatic for myself cos this is something I’ve really accomplished using my own capability to actually write. Without pulling strings, or, gasp, using charm reserves. Yay!!!

MANILA, Philippines – The ‘90s kids are lost. They find themselves filled with hopes that somehow they can change this authentically-torn system. They rebel by shrieking to an Eraserheads single, embodying the original Wall Street sense of the word “yuppie” and still finding it flattering a term, or insisting that Takeshi’s Castle is “safe” entertainment. But the truth is they’re totally clueless, alienated, left out.

And that’s the problem.

In the middle of this crisis, Joaquin Valdes finds a solution. Project Raincloud, he discloses. The film artiste and enthusiast then expounds on the independent art venture, which he produces and directs, as an attempt to answer back what his fellow pre-postmodernism spawns continuously ask for: A representative culture.

“Look at us, we’re so scattered. We’ve been pining so long for something to look up to, a dream that we would want to live up to. We’ve been waiting in a limbo,” he says of what drew him to mull over the brainchild that he claims the generation can strongly relate to.

Project Raincloud is a tri-media production that consists of a film, a graphic novel and a website — an outwardly odd but appropriate choice of art array. It is altogether an idea that sprang from Valdes’s Golden Duck award-winning Bulong (2008), a hobbyhorse of his passion for speculative fiction. The Project seeks the need to mind-wank with local pop culture taste, through a contemporary rural horror folk story that encompasses all three youth-targeted avenues.

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Yeah, the Project‘s undoubtedly cool. And there are a lot more cool staff and stuff behind the project…

MANILA, Philippines – Joining Valdes in his Project Raincloud footpath are the following young artistes, who also think that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to shake the ‘90s kids up.

Leeroy New

Crafting three-dimensional solo exhibits may be a tad bit murderous, but Jan Leeroy New spews them for breakfast. His installation artworks have been nothing less than for public display, i.e., Singapore Biennale, Fukuoka Triennial. Amid this, New has a thing for molding Philippine culture that makes his compositions pretty exciting. Just visit Ateneo Art Gallery which, as of this writing, has his very folk “Balete” — a reinvention of the ancient tree through cable lines — exhibited.

Marc Abaya

Yes, he’s in the cast. The versatile Marc Abaya is going to play a tattooed punk monk in Dagim, enough to surpass his acting stint in Ligaw na Bulaklak which he did a while back opposite Roxanne Guinoo. The Sandwich Kjwan frontman is set to play a very complex character in the film who gets really personal with the film’s heroes Jun and Diego.

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Errata: Marc Abaya is fronting Kjwan, not Sandwich. Blame my absent-mindedness. Also, Joaqui says Dawn Dizon is out of the loop as the production manager. So there…


Special thanks to my editors Tim Yap and Raymond Ang. So yeah, if you have interesting, trendslutty, well, trends/topics in mind, leave me a mail. And let’s see if we can write about it.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Congratulations! \:D/

  2. wow that’s… imba. haha. congrats barry!

  3. Congrats Kuya Barry with this one! Hope to see more of you in the future.

  4. Congratulations!

    It must feel great having accomplished something like this without getting others to help you! Looks like things are already happening for you! And by the way, nice new banner!

    Again, my felicitations to you! 😀


  5. @ BarryCyrus..!
    palakpakan tayong lahat…
    para kay barrycyrus..!
    keep it up..!
    we are all very proud of you..! 😉

  6. wow! congratulations. this is a big achievement.

  7. ano pang hinihintay natin
    virtual party na!


    your vacation has something to do with this eheheheeh
    dahil pukpukan na daw ang trabaho mo niyan!

  8. im devastated barry. haha

  9. nice one barry! oh pag sikat ka na wag mo kami kalimutan. hahahaha

  10. wow! ur d man! congrats!

  11. good job! :))

  12. Booyah! Congrats Barry! Nice article and thanks for sharing this. 😀

  13. Kungreshemeleyshens! Naiinggit ako! Kalevel mo na si Charice! Kinaiinggitan ko ren. Haha.

    Hot si Marc Abaya. Gusto ko lang sabihen. 😀

  14. Congratulations!!!!! That’s so awesome 😀 Keep up the good work!

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