Ugh, that’s so high school!

For the past days, I’ve met with a few of my high school friends just for the sake of it. The last mega reunion was a while back and, even if we’re just about 10 to have gone to recent senseless rendezvous, I still miss high school. I miss complaining over restraint and control. I miss the times I broke in the girls’ bathrooms, jeering away all stupid Catholic school rules that surfaced across  our tainted, whacked world...

About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. @ BarryCyrus..!
    makulit ka…
    high school..!
    hahahahahahahahaha..! 😉

  2. Stupid Catholic school rules. I hear you.

  3. Hey Barry!

    Nothing new, really! But I see that you’ve done some things these past few days. I too, miss my high school life and friends. I haven’t been in contact with most of them for more than a year already! 😦


  4. Cute pic though

  5. waaaaaa! an saya . hiskul
    anim na taon na din ang lumipas, at malamang pag kami naman
    nagkita-kita, mga anak na nila ang maglalaro ng dr.quack-quack
    (anak ba nila o apo na ? haha dami na kasi may anak)lol


  6. bahaha, I am soooooooo glad I’m not in high school still! But I do miss (are you ready for something that’s going to make sound like a super GEEK?) all my marching band friends 🙂

  7. cool! high school days,.. haysst

  8. missin the old days…. =(

  9. Same here, I miss high school a lot. It’s just about a year and a half since I graduated and I thought i will not miss them and the whole high school thing until i realized that i was wrong. Gah, i want to cry for that.

  10. For the past days, I’ve met with a few of my high school friends JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT
    – ok? hahahaha!

    uhmm, bitin ba ung post barry?

  11. iba ang high school life. iba sa elementary, iba sa college. iba nga! hehe

  12. Hated high school so so much. Hahaha.

  13. I also came from a Catholic school–all girls, wherein even the way we cross our legs when seated ay sinisita.

    High School talaga is love. I miss my girls, too. :))

  14. Sounds like a fun reunion! I remember my high school days where I was the good version of Regina of Mean Girls or Blair Waldorf. I usually get elected as the classroom president then supreme council president.

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