Hormonal Eclipse of the Heart

My recent affliction for the swearing-induced culture of the British has had me dig in Skins and Minette Walters easily. I thought it was a coincidence with my current phase of knowing else what to do with my youth, alongside the thwarting temptation of, um, unemployment. Not that I can relate heads up with all the sex, drugs, and other unpopular dilemmas, but bullshits come and go, right??

Tony: You know how subatomic particles don’t obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere, and bang! Energy! That’s the great thing about the universe. It’s unpredictable. That’s why it’s so much fun.

I’m two/three fuckin’ years late for Skins (S01&02), but Bryan Elsley still has me seriously gone viva la vie bohéme. The sixth form legion of teenage hipsters who seem to get nothing right are fueling me to understand my wild side. I know– I’m a bully, a sodding bully. But after watching how the anit-hero Tony Stonem manipulates everyone in the show, I feel vindicated! Just imagine Sebastian Valmont of Cruel Intentions, only middle-class yet more sly and sinister for a con artist. Tony’s that evil his hairdo and his style are the only things worth essentially emulating from him. (Tony’s played by Nicholas Hoult, who’ll be playing Young Beast in X-Men: First Class soon.)

The Skins First Generation Cast (Pic Googled)

With the VERY liberated atmosphere in the show– ugh do I have to see a pair of areola in every episode (?)– Skins is a fresh dose for the soul. Fave characters include Jal, Sid, Cassie, Michelle, Maxxie, Miss Angie, and Tony of course. They project black drama at its finest only over a realistic bent, and as mad as it could get, I officially have my first gay ship ever in the pair of Tony and Maxxie! (Later, I learned that shippers called themselves “Taxxie.”) ROFL!!!

Sad to say E4’s getting new characters for the seasons hereafter. Oh well. At least I enjoyed most of the first seasons, thinking amateur writers and actors were on the league. Right now, I’m already having attachment issues with the First Gen cast :(. Cos seriously, if you want storyline and personality, this one’s for you.

/EDIT. Not that it was talked about much but Jack Thorne’s writing Skins!spin-off movie!!! Yey! Thanks Piccolo_poo for the old news 🙂 Can’t wait for Summer 2011! [View news here]


Minette Walters’ Disordered Minds meanwhile brings Dorset crime by the youngsters of ’70s. A granny gets reportedly killed by her harelipped, mentally-incapable grandson, without much proof brought by the 1987 Warson-Crick invention of DNA testing. Thirty-three years later fortunately, the injustice is given redemption when Jonathan Hughes and George Gardener team up and decide to bring out the skeletons in the closet. In the middle of their investigation, turns out teenagers who have been really messing up with their truant lives were possibly related to slashing that granny’s ankles and daubing her blood on the wallpaper of her own house. Err, so yeah, twas creeeeeeepy to read at one midnight such that I dreamt about it eventually (I should really star in Inception, no?).

Yeah, fuck my forgotten teenage life then get me into Skins please.


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  1. Wait till you see the 3rd and 4th seasons and uhm, Effy and the 2nd generation. I guarantee you’ll go mad. And btw just to let you know how late you are (heh), the 3rd generation has been introduced recently. heh. i think the 5th season will start by feb 2011, so there’s still so much time to catch up. heh.

  2. I watched the first 2 episodes of this show and I got bored. Hahaha. I’ve had enough of all these teenage drama series, I guess. =P

    • But WHY????? hahahah Skins is for me the best ever!!! Lol

      You should’ve watched until the last ep of S01. Sorry, but I kinda relate hahah so many issues, dammit.

  3. @ BarryCyrus..!
    i like skins…
    because of..:
    nicholas hoult..! 😛

  4. I am completely lost. I do not watch Skins. But I love the Rent reference. 🙂

    And since I cannot say anything about what you wrote, I’d just say that I too am about two years late in True Blood. Good thing I was able to marathonwatch it for a couple of weekends. So nope, I guess I am not late at all. Forget what I just said.

  5. parang maganda yung Disordered Minds, yung Inception hindi ko pa napanood huhuhuhu although may copy na sa bahay.

    kapag napasama ka sa Inception 2 sir batiin mo kami ha, eheheeh

  6. i am so outdated.. haha!
    btw, i got ur email but i don’t think i could come kasi it’s a friday. anyway, thanks for the invite! after the board maybe i could find time 😉

  7. Interesting yang “Disordered Minds” ah. I wanna grab a copy! 🙂

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