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Did you buy Philippine Star Supreme this morning? Oh well supportive lazybones, here’s Best of the Week and its craziness written by Irvin Cortez and myself:

  • Employee of the Month: Jenny Porterfield and her resig letter
  • Anti-Spam Ingenuity Award: World’s Longest Addie
  • Song of the Week: You Changed My Life in a Moment by Harry Bruder
  • Vendetta of the Week: Nadja Benaissa and HIV
  • Our Daily Bread of the Week: When the Holies Tweet
  • OMFD of the Week: Serena vdW “plays the field” in Paris
  • Beauty of the Week: Venus Raj
  • Guest stars of the Week: Everyone in Glee?
  • Icon of the Week: Dora the Explorer
  • Go See of the Week: Folded & Hung Streetcast

( Read full article here… ) And what would a writer’s life be without an erratum? I left out a minor yet significant detail for the fans of Dora Marquez. Saaaarry, it was supposed to be Monday for her formal primetime Nickelodeon birthday *celeb*. Not Tuesday. Oh well, spank me yo Latina. (Racism never meant.) Cheers to all.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Ooh. Dora’s just fine with that. hehe. Anyway, ang-panget pala ng full name niya. haha, pang-lola.

  2. Barry!

    You’re a regular on Philippine Star Supreme? Damn f**k!

    Yes, I read it yesterday. Dora’s got to get a life or I’ll think she’s too fixated on her childhood, or she’s got Schizo (What with her talking backpack and pet monkey and all!). 😀

    So, Britney’s really going for Glee, eh?


  3. You’re working na rin pala eh! Good job! 😀

    I watched one segment of Nickelodeon where Salma Hayek was greeting Dora a Happy Birthday. She was also saying stuff like Dora was a good icon for the kids or something to that effect. I think I was already drooling and never really had the chance to understand what she was saying (lesbo much). haha

    Great thinking on the longest eadd for the person who made it.haha

  4. i am so tempted for streetcast buti nalang we have mirrors around that tells me not to =))

  5. So cool that you wrote that article! 😀 Thanks for sharing, since because of obvious reasons, I can’t buy the paper. 😀

  6. nice finds. i love trivias.

  7. iLike. hehe

    so love venus… 😉 pinoy pride!

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