A Tale Addressed to the Telecomm Tyrants

Not even the Incredible Hulk can contain losing a network signal at random

At 11PM Saturday last week, my sim card indiscriminately lost signal.

I was just using for three hours then a promo of 24-hour unlimited calls and texts for a meager Php25. All of a sudden, I can’t get into the network; hence no texts, no calls, incoming or outgoing. It’s like being insurrected by feared Spanish friars. I initially thought there was something wrong with my about five-year-old sim or with John Casey Pearson (named after Chuck’s NSA colonel and Skins actress April Pearson who have the same Motorola phones as I am). So I did the basic troubleshooting— switch sims and phones. At midnight, it struck me: My sim card’s busted. But it wasn’t blocked or anything since my phonebook and messages still exist. My phone’s signal was only nowhere to be found. And I had to arrange a kind of movie meet-up with my HS classmates on a Sunday by texting/calling them around. Enter Alanis Morisette: Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Then on a mad Sunday noon, I called up the telecomm’s free 24-hour customer service and ranted— using my mum’s phone— about my recent case. I cannot just throw my sim card away since for one thing, my number’s easy to memorize; for another, it’s been my number for a long time already; and lastly, I don’t find pleasure in sending out a group message about my supposedly “new number.” To add, there’s still some prepaid load that that sim contained.

After 10 minutes of listening to a repetitive ad jingle I especially do not care about, I finally was answered by a human being. The call center agent almost gave me a relief when he said that I was to get back my signal within a “maximum of 24 hours.” He also asked for my complete name and address— something I always feel uncomfortable at. They’re not the government, are they? Hah! Naturally, I’d say that my name is Mark (Reason: commonness) for addressing purposes, but that time I gave in. With bravura, I also told him that they should get rid of the jingle cos it’s irritating to the wits!

But the real story on why I was suspended signal, I inquired. He told me that there was a technical problem where I did some “unlikely” things. Hmm.

Monday noon came (yes, I wake up at brunch on a regular basis), I checked John Casey and still, no signal. And since that would be beyond the promised “maximum of 24 hours,” AND beyond my patience, I called the customer service once again.

“I need my signal back please!” I said.

“Yes, Sir, we’ll forward your concern again.” The agent was nervous, judging from his crooked voice.

“I’m sorry I’m not pissed at you,” I recollected, “But if my load expires after I eventually attain back my signal, it’s my fault?”

No Sir, it’s my fault,” he instantly replied. I hope he didn’t get a nervous breakdown after my death voice.

Of course Tuesday bloomed, and signal bars weren’t still spotted. I called Them up again restating the code that avoided me to retell the story once more. Alas, I had to retell the story including my name and address. “What, you just asked me days ago?” I said. Then the rather confident agent told me that he’d pass the concern to a higher echelon of technicians cos it wasn’t normal to still not get a feedback after more than 24 fuckin’ hours. “Of course it wasn’t normal. Also, I want it ASAP,” I reprimanded. The agent— I suspect can be a member of Illuminati— said that NTC might be the real problem. The agency reproached users and telecomm companies to utilize a certain limit when it comes to calls and texts a day. Enlightenment!

“Really? Since when?” I told him.

“Since April this year, Sir Cyrus,” he replied.

“Why don’t I know anything about this?”

“Well, they passed a network-wide SMS and they published it in broadsheets.”

“That’s amazing!” I groaned.

He furthered that the unlimited calls shouldn’t be used for “business or commercial” purposes but rather “person-to-person” transactions only. Such deed could lead to communication jams so it is haphazardly requested to refrain from going “unlimited.” Rewind to that Saturday night: I was just calling people around to tell them that we have a high school date the day after. Is that COMMERCIAL enough? So unlimited calls and texts— in “person-to-person” terms— only target on sweethearts now???! How about the lovelorn bunch? (I thought we have Sun Cellular for that.) And since when did it occur that unlimited is never really UNlimited?

Now, NTC, face me: Why are you limiting the unlimited?

If technical difficulties surround the concept of unlimited, then why let these telecommunication companies advertise around that it’s okay to call/text people nonstop? Why are you making the customers— the reason why you’re considered indispensable— F up with problems they are not responsible or capable of solving?

I eventually retrieved my signal Thursday night— nearly five days of waiting in absolute vain. I couldn’t help but to feel overjoyed, as if I won the lottery. But in reality I lost.

Beforehand, I bitched out the agent who told me that according to his computer, the previous call center personnel I engaged myself in once-a-day conversation at best hadn’t submitted ANY report. NOT ONE OF THEM.

“What?!” I said, “So I’ve been calling you every single day for nothing?!” He then reiterated that he believed it was a mistake. “Yes, it is. A five-day-long mistake!” I replied. So whatever that was, it was haunting. I didn’t just have a A Beautiful Mind moment, did I?! Gah.

That Saturday evening, I had just used the promo for about three hours and I get dished off. And since you NTC and/or telecomm tyrants monitor our calls and texts, how do you know what’s “commercial” and what’s “person-to-person?” Most importantly, why fool people who don’t like being fooled?


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Would you be interested in exchanging blogrolls links with my site? Please email me if you are interested

  2. Woah, so angsty ah. You turned into a green man. 😀

  3. Huh!
    Naalala ko lang sa Pampanga madalas mawalan ng signal kapag bumabagyo lang or may pinasabog na cell site. I encountered 3x to my recollection of failed promos when I was there. Unlimited text confirmed but when I texted it’s COS already, that is I have to wait 1 hour pa daw before I can use the promo, so Pasaload or reload was the last resort. Minsan naman jammed or something siguro dahil sa sobrang dami ng texts na naipapadla per second at ang last ay nung nagtuturo pa ako, nagkagulo ang mga students ko dahil nakakapaghack sila ng load and it was true, but after an hour kinuha ulit ng service provider at ang nangyari nagkajammed ulit ang line.

    Ako naman naaaliw ako sa mga jingles while waiting for the agent.

    5 days is very long but thank God Pearson has lifeline again.

  4. grabe… honga wag ka paargabyado cyrus may karapatan ka. at may karapatan ka ding isiwalat yang panggigipit nila sayo!

  5. Hey Barry!

    It must’ve been a hell of a week for you, especially since you had to stay within communication lines for your movie date.

    “Well, they passed a network-wide SMS and they published it in broadsheets.”

    Isn’t it extremely aggravating? Most agencies claim that they have conducted a thorough dissemination of information when in fact, they haven’t! I too have been in ridiculous situations because of a sudden change in agency SOPs or rules without any “enlightenment” for the public.

    So unlimited calls and texts— in “person-to-person” terms— only target on sweethearts now???! How about the lovelorn bunch? And since when did it occur that unlimited is never really UNlimited?

    That’s the reason why I don’t avail of “unlimited” promos. It’s just a waste of airtime when I really can’t send a text to 150 people in one day or make a 24-hour long cell phone conversation.

    Their concept of unlimited is still limited (excuse the pun)–that is, limited just a number of days or hours.

    Anyhow, good thing you got your signal back! And great thing you still have your SIM at five years and still going strong! 😀


    • I love my sim more than any promo in the effed up telecomm company. For reasons known, my number ends in four 1’s. As in 1111. haha

      I use unlimited shiz when I need to disseminate some important stuff (movie dates, included!). With that they should be regarding prepaid subscribers as worthy as those postpaid subscribers, which when fronted on the battle of extinction aren’t really a challenge to our number.

  6. Hello Barry! Take a deep breath.

    I just love your rant. It’s like reading a chapter in a novel.

    • Haha thanks but it won’t compare to your book-authoring Charles! haha I hope telecomm companies there in Norway aren’t as twisted as in this country.

      • Lol! I’m not there yet, but writing this book is a good learning experience for me. I was trained as lifestyle journalist so I don’t have any clue at first how to write a novel properly.

        Good thing it’s easier to grab resources online if you need one.

        Telecomm companies here in Norway are rather effective in dealing with their customers. I called once, asking them to eliminate my EDGE connection and they did it immediately.

      • Whilst in here, we have to wait. Wait wait until we turn into zombies.

        When you find a literary agent, and finally get your book published, make an online version! SO WE CAN READ “P

  7. well, why wasn’t i the least bit surprised? those telecoms companies are the same, anyway. They would do anything for the money.

    magplan ka na lang. unlimited calls din to numbers belonging to the same network…lugi lang ako sa plan ko kasi di ko rin naman nagagamit halos pangtext or call yung linya ko. hahahha! i seldom text, minsan lang din ako tumawag. 😉

  8. ntc are pigs!

  9. Naayos na ba Cyrus? May signal na?

    Nagpuputik lang

  10. NTC ba talaga ang may kasalanan o yung telecom?

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