Monthly Archives: September 2010

The ~Guwapo Shall Prevail

I watched the premiere of John Erick Dowdle’s Devil with Jean and Ayla last week. (I love free passes!) Twas a story about five strangers trapped in an elevator, get stuck in it then bad things happen to them. By bad, I mean, the lights indiscriminately turn on-and-off and one by one, a person gets killed. Everyone’s a suspect, etc etc, but one thing’s for sure: The “good-looking” will never die. ( Read more… )


Film, Fashion, Future and… Fandom

Last Saturday, I flew to the School of Fashion and the Arts at Makati, for PhilStar Supreme‘s talk on film, fashion and trendspotting.

I was with Chui, who the minute I revealed about Gino dela Paz as one of the speakers, died from squealing. At least, telepathically. Gino’s like her fave columnist, her deliberate crush, and I’ll shut up now. ( Read more… )

Empire Stage of Mind

So the singing corps of Will Schuster officially returned for second season yesterday. Fact: Matt, the other dancing football guy transferred somewhere else. Fallacy: Every single McKinley High soul wants to replace him even if immediate hospitality is guaranteed. New Directions kicks off with slushied slates– the still loser club everyone thinks of, and I  missed them. So did everyone. ( Read more… )

Superficial Intelligence

It is a wonder why I watch TV shows that are so inane they might as well grind my brain into rat droppings. First, it’s fun to watch good-looking, poreless celebs appear ridiculous. And second, it kinda brings complacence to know you’re more intelligent than some people in the world.

In the world of Gossip Girl, no one is real albeit being a teen drama New York-based show. Good ol’ season one is now no more. ( Read more… )