When someone asks how you’re doing, you reply, “Nothing major-major, thank you.”

Is it over?

Has the talk of the whole galaxy regarding Venus Raj‘s seemingly strange, unforgivable Miss Universe 2010 answer finally diffused? Have people actually gotten over it, including the entertainment media which feasted on it so much that William Baldwin could’ve returned becoming a football coach, instead of throwing a life-and-death question? Yea?

  • To be fair with the Pinay and her beautiful, double-major tan, the question was really intense. Not to mention, existential. It was like one of the insightful, reflective philosophies you were required to answer in your high school Homeroom Guidance Program. If I was asked– not that I’d wanted to be asked– I’d blurt, “William, I know you have this foil character charm and I better see you reprising your role in Gossip Girl next season, but I CANNOT just tell you my ‘worst mistake’ so breezily with the whole universe watching, can I? Unless you wanna give me time. Plus pen and paper, too.”
  • On a later news, Melanie Marquez said on national television that she could’ve answered Baldwin with losing her virginity before the competition. That should fit “mistake,” she said. You can’t beat that now. Hail the long-legged queen!
  • And as synchronized forces pull-off last week’s hostage drama, the gods saw to it that the Philippines and not Jimena Navarreta makes it to overnight popularity on worldwide news. Aha!
  • Speaking of which, I read that a guy in Maryland wreaked a hostage fissure at the Discovery Center building, in a bizarre way to protest against the standard TV programming. He rallied against encouraging birth of babies (he called such as “filthy human children”) and promoted environmental reporting instead. Dude, I have green genes too but that’s just… whacko.
  • And down to another sad news, the pop-culture-relevant Paste magazine is flipping for good. I hate when things of taste kick the bucket esp when mainstream pieces of Dren (sci-fi term for ‘shit’ haha c/o The Drunken Scholar) themselves don’t. At least they’re eying for the alternative of going digital. Not so sad after all cos that’s how I browse over a few foreign stuff anyway.
  • And another late news of mainstream dissing is Archie Comics which finally introduced its first Riverdale openly gay character in the form of Kevin Keller. Boy-crazy Veronica tries to fish him but of course, his true colors daw shall soon appear.

Whatevs now. After I type this, I’ll be grabbing my luggage and I’ll be heading (sounds like “beheading”) to the city. Right back at your arms disgusting Manila!

SO EXCITED FOR Adhoc! 🙂 Now that’s major-major.

About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Ugh. That major-major mistake question is so hard. I’ve been thinking of a good answer for a week now and I still can’t think of that something. haha

  2. Thanks for your comment on my photos, Mr. Non-Blogger. Not much I can comment on here as a non-follower of media. Stay interesting, good luck & have fun!

  3. Hey Barry! You could have won the Ms. Universe with that answer!

  4. hahaha that Melanie Marquez… such a character XD Best answer with standing ovation 🙂

    Kevin Keller? yep been waiting for his first appearance this month 🙂 and Jughead was the first to know he was gay :p

    • I read once that Miss Melanie was so… remotely cute when a guy dressed in Dolce & Gabbana walked past her and she could only comment to another person next to her, “I like his shirt. DAG.”


      Yeah I admire how they’re putting a gay guy in a comic book now 🙂

  5. when I say standing ovation…. oh nothing 😀

  6. yey galing ni venus. sumisikat sya lalo dahil sa major major! swerte sya

  7. yep Venus is a major major winner.
    alam mo naisip ko na maganda na ang nangyari para matabunan naman si willie at si kris aquino, rollercoaster na nga ang Pilipinas nakikidagdag pa sila ahahaha.

    pero the sad thing really is the manila hostage drama. we’ll have to stand up again.

    go! go! go!

    major major winner tayo!

  8. I am Japanese.

    I am interested in your article and enjoyed your blog!

    Please keep it for us.

    Thank you!

  9. Your answer makes me want to see you there. Replace Venus Raj!

    It took me about 2 hours of watching people on Facebook change their status(es) to Major Major whatever to get annoyed. Then I unfriended most of them. JK. :p

    Hooray for Archie Comics then! Last time I bought one was when I was still in highschool. I’m gonna grab me a copy next week. 🙂

  10. I went and read the comic with the new gay character. An impressive leap for such an old fashioned comic. Thanks for the news.

  11. Aha. Even comics changes too. Just like our very own Darna which had a lot of changes- Ding was killed in the modern Darna which I didn’t saw on the old one. Captain Barbell’s gayish way of transforming into a superhero. I thought Captain Barbell would lift those bar bells and shout not the one I saw on the modern version which Richard Gutierrez just have to twist like oreo those circular barbells then transform.


    • thanks for liking the post! haha

      i think that’s the effect when you put “stars” as your superheroes. They get cutesy without the sharpness and fierceness you read in the comics.

  12. true!

    nothing beats the old school!

  13. i likey i likey
    how you write
    really really
    i can smile
    without being a vile

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