A Party Postmortem

The overrated art of going to parties (or just plain going out) is averted to the fact that you’d be meeting people. More exciting when they’re the people you already know. Most exciting if they’re people you’ll end up knowing for the rest of your life.

Last night I went with my five HS friends to a college party. A roaring party.

Early on, I found myself stuck in a swarm that blew off my senses. The event was a massive success such that the lines extended lengthily outside the venue. The crowds apparently were impressive enough to trounce the Metro Manila Film Festival. It occurred to me that this party has evolved drastically into something you can never belittle. We were there at 9:30, never asked for a guest-list status, and just relished patient, honest waiting– since I won’t manage to harness an impatient, dishonest sneaking-in if I’m stringing along five people, even if the party was by my college org, anyway. “Connections” weren’t really necessary since I thought that everyone would be getting in as a matter of fact.

Turns out I was wrong, heartbreaking-ly wrong. Tickets reached limit and those of us who were still outside wheezed with disappointment. The maddened groups in nice garbs were either too irate or too shocked to function. Mention PETA at the barricades.

Now I’m no events guru but events-organizing has been something I have been doing for a long time already– random rendezvous included– so here’s some notes for those who’d be interested further in directing wholesome party operations. And also a post-note for my beloved org. And I’m being proper here, as I’ll ever be:

  • First, take note of the logistics: After recognizing the event’s capacity is that of the World Cup, be prepared with the lines. And the tickets. It does matter to predetermine wisely what you’ve had via your Facebook events page and the pre-sold tickets. Remember that the tickets should be directly proportional with the people you’re expecting to snake in, alongside the presence of the guest list and the media. Don’t promise unlimited tickets if environmentalism affects you.
  • Remember to keep watch of your target audience. A college party it was but my bud Jep and I gave a double look unto high school kids and some Jack Basses who were passing by.  If possible, pray for a thunderstorm to simultaneously strike those who are inappropriate for the event.
  • As previously resonated, promotions is key but make sure you promote to the promising crowd. No more, no less.
  • Most important thing: Be nice to people waiting in line. You know they’ve gone worn out, livid and terribly hungry. You cannot just pronounce glibly over the megaphone, almost unapologetic, “We don’t have any more tickets! Sorry, please vacate the venue!” Trust me, you don’t wanna mess with a terribly hungry horde.

I know my orgmates did a terrific job and mega-congratulations to the org straight from the heart. Truly, it was something more than legendary. I heard 4000 souls made it inside stampede-free, which translates to a hefty amount of charity-money to school the 30 children in our foundation. CONGRATS! 🙂

At midnight, I dragged out my friends out of the place without even being able to enter. Went instead to Giligans at the seaside, inhaling the Manila Bay air  just to forget something absurdly unforgettable.

Following pictures by Nina Barreiro…

Giligans Gang One (Pic by Nina Barreiro)

Giligans Gang Two (Pic by Nina Barreiro)

Seaside strutting: Jep Nina and I.

Me and Aien SALT (Pic by Nina Barreiro)


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. too bad sa mga hindi nakapasok, I don’t have an idea kung anong party all I know is a college-org-organized as you mentioned.

    i agree with what you’ve said, dapat natantsa na nila yung capacity nung venue, and one thing more papatulan sila ng mag gutom na madlang pipol. i remember one of our grad school events, nung magutom na sila ay pumila nalang bigla dun sa catering area.

    at least pala nakapag sea side kayo.

    great cause as well!

  2. Haha. What a night you had. Well, great cause naman.

  3. I was in the list so going in was no problem, we were actually outside smoking when I heard someone announce that tix ran out already. Sayang we werent able to see each other. I didn’t stay long rin at adhoc, left at around 1:30 to transfer to Malate. In fairness legendary talaga this last one because alcohol was still aplenty way past midnight despite the awesome number of people.

    • Really? People were telling me that by midnight, drinks ran out. Well, whatevs now… Sayang I didn’t see you guys (I saw Rikka though). I couldn’t call you cos I was having problemos apparently stashing my HS friends in. Although it appeared I was in the guest list (a few people claimed?).

      Five of the adhoc team have apologized already and I’m taking nothing bad against them now. Was just shocked of course. Yep, more than legendary talaga. I’ll see you next sem’s adhoc nalang 🙂

  4. talaga ubos na by midnight? siguro I wasnt keeping track of time well lang hahaha, ang alam kong naubos yung Manila Beer (the green one was great).

  5. Sayang naman. Pero mukhang enjoy ka pa din sa Gilligans.

  6. Ahahhaa, yes. No argue, being nice to people on queue if you want to still alive.
    Been there, done that before. 😉

  7. yan ang wala ako nung college.. ang org org… nakakapanghinayang…

  8. wow! karanasan ito ahahaha ikaw na ang mag hangout with friends!

    cute nong nakapink ahahahha

  9. Very far from Spain, but i would go the next one !

  10. College party? I’m an old man but would have crashed this anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. party boy! hahaha! and you’re sporting that aramani shirt you told me about, nice!. hehe

  12. That is wonderful that so much money was raised for the children. It sounds like fun was had by all involved.

    I’m sitting here with a few friends and one of them said he wants to meet the girl in the picture to the far right with the gift in front of her. She is very pretty he said.

    Don’t mind him, he’s always looking over my shoulder asking me to add his opinions to my comments.

    I wanted to thank you Barry for all the comments and visits to my site. It is very much appreciated.

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