Caught in a Bad Bromance

To fellow literature ~repeaters, the Arthurian legends were so interesting English class in high school was boring without them.

So big thanks to BBC One’s Merlin, modernized monarchies and magic have brought fresh air to my TV standards. Sorry for fawning over ~legends and ~artificiality but Merlin’s seriously chicken soup for the, um, soul.

In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.

Released in 2008, Merlin has quite gathered a good number of viewership. The Smallville-ish content simply charmed the child in me since the first  episode. The titular hero (portrayed by the extremely adorable Colin Morgan) is a young, troublemaking, klutzy magician who’s supposed to “protect” Prince Arthur as his destiny. But this doesn’t seem to go smoothly as the PMS-stricken King Uther Pendragon sternly disproves any form of sorcery— driving everyone in town into skullduggery. Evil magicians spring here and there, in an El Filibusterismo type of rage against the rigid  (or frigid, LOL) ruler of Camelot.

The Merlin cast: King Uther, Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Morgana, Gwen (Pic Googled)

Unlike Uther, Arthur (Bradley James) meanwhile is headstrong and just, but on the surface a pompous bully. He forms a firm bromance with his servant Merlin who keeps hiding his natural talent lest he gets butchered the next day. (It occurred to me that the berdugos were big those days.)

Joining the main characters are Gwen/Guinevere (Angel Coulby) who is never the “The Lusty Month of May” Guinevere you imagined in Joshua Logan’s 1967 Camelot; Morgana (Katie McGrath) who is the King’s willful ward with BEAUTY– hence my new crush– that hides her augur abilities; and of course, Gaius (Richard Wilson) who mentors Merlin and would probably be the inspiration of the next-generation Merlin fashion statement. Which would be kinda gross, as Gaius looks like he needed more time in the shower.

Post-note on Gwen: Fine, she’s lovable, caring and she’s a maid but why does she look like THAT (above right)? A handmaiden redundantly mortified with rat nest hair, ratty gowns and rodent-inspired makeup, gah pity! Pardon my meanness and superficiality but if she’d be the “Once and Future Queen of Camelot,” why figure her appearance like THAT? On second thought, THAT maybe the point.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I see familiar faces from my other favorite TV series, in Merlin. There’s Santiago Cabrera (Isaac, the painter, in Heroes) who’s Lancelot, a proletariat cavalier wannabe. And there’s also Joe Dempsie (Chris Miles of Skins) who, like his junkie Skins character, dies in the end. I also hoped that Eve Myles and her gap-teeth remained a villain ever since.

Tell me if you watch this and let’s exchange notes!


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  1. I love this show!!!!!!! I finished both seasons and am still waiting for more! I want more … hahah

    • I want Morgana and Merlin to be together for the third season! haha

      • Hahahaha ME TOO. They would be so much more interesting than Arthur and Guinevere and I’m only saying that because Arthur’s such a brat (still). Third season can’t come any soonerrrrrr.

      • Yeah. And they have this kind of strong connection, no? But spoilers say that Morgana has finally “graduated” to becoming a villain this coming season. I just hope Merlin will make her not one. :/

        • :\ if they say it’s so then it probably is so .. and Merlin wouldn’t do anything because his main objective~*~ is keeping Arthur safe (which he fails to do most of the time). I feel like he considers Morgana as a good friend, but he’s a young man who, if he can help it, won’t harm anything.

        • haha it’s amusing to think that his MAIN GOAL in life is keep another man alive, even if he’d endanger himself.

  2. The first two bromance dudes are so into each other. They should do a remake of Camelot with Arthur and Lancelot deciding on what china to buy. At the very least they could make a Lifetime movie of it for me.

  3. alam mo sir sa mga post mo nauupdate ako sa mga shows at movies, wala kasi niyan sa disyerto. walang movie houses dito at umaasa lang sa downloads at pirated eheheheh

    aamin na ako nung highschool and college naboboringan talaga sa mga ganyang lessons. pero when movie outfits realized na mas kapakipakinabang kung magiging visual na ang mga ito. mas enjoy ang class namin nung highschool kapag pinapanood nalang ang mga ganyang stories ang disadvantage lang talaga ay may instances na kaiba sa lit ang movie or tv versions hindi ko alam kung allowed ito for commercial purposes. but all in all mas gusto ko ang visual kumpara dun sa book talaga. pasenysa naman sir adik lang.

    palagay ko more than the literature side, mas nakakatulong sa history subjects ang mga ganitong lit-to-motion pictures kasi boring ang history ahahahah although wag lang i-misinform ang mga students sa kung ano mang deviation ng book dun sa movie

  4. Chicken Soup Bromance, you say. I have to try it out. The first episode is downloading as I type. I think I’m going to relate to Merlin. I’ll let you know.

    • Alright then 🙂 Update me about it ayt?

      • I just finished the first episode and loved it! Chicken soup is the perfect descriptor; a made me feel like I did when I first discovered serial television as a child.
        BTW, how do UK series work; can I expect any ho-yay or fan-service (ie Xena) in future episodes?

      • hehe that’s good to know that you enjoyed it.

        I only watch a few British series so I can’t thoroughly say. But this one is more like superhero-ish. Appealing to the kid in each of us 🙂

  5. My bestfriend told me this was an awesome series. I never had a chance to watch this. do you know where to download the episodes? lols XD

    • Piratebay or buy a DVD in Quiapo or somewhere hehe this is like more than a year ago na so maybe a lot are on the side na rin 🙂

      Not really an “awesome” serioes but it’s so fun to watch:)

  6. Tamang-tama I’m looking for a new series to get hooked on…

  7. I always pictured Merlin as an ooooold (notice the emphasis) and bearded man, and I blame Disney for that. And is it just me, or does the Merlin in that first photo look like a young Spock? Lol

    • Haha yeah, more like a banished, stinky warlock. So the point of Merlin here is kinda Clark Kent in Smallville.

      Yes, he does look like young Spock with the bowl-cut hair! haha

  8. Uy! What a coincidence! Last night, it was my first time to hear Hallelujah so I looked for it on youtube. I saw its video and apparently, it’s a sound track pala for this series. I was wondering what the title was kasi i’m in to this kind of movies, then I read your blog.haha

    Thanks, now I know! 😀 And must download!

  9. Magpapadownload nga ako nito..

  10. Wafu naman ni arthur. Wahahahaha!

  11. I love the Merlin series. I think the pilot episode was awesome with that witch singing and enchanting the entire court with her haunting song, brilliant!

  12. Wow! I need to see this show!

  13. Better than Sam and Frodo’s love story. I think it’s Hoyay. Yeah, that’s the term they give to bromances like this one.

    I love your blog, btw. Adding you to my blogroll.

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