I cheer, you dance. Not the other way around.

Late post but who could ever forget last Sunday’s UAAP cheerdance competition? I lost my voice, outstretched my knee pits, committed myself to an almost hunger strike thanks to the lack of tables at the Gateway food court– all in about five hours. Doesn’t matter now, with my free ticket and UP Pep Squad‘s victory, one word: Wuhooo! Twas an awesome day for an awesome pep squad! Congratulations to these kids who never cease to bring out the University’s sludge of ~school spirit when needed.

Anyway, I did watch with some blogger ~friends and bonded with them for a while. Esp John Carl there who I am at least familiar with online. Upon entering the Uppperbox A deck, I observed that the lady stamped us with “Patron.” I tried sashaying myself and  John to the patron seats but a grumpy, bouncer-like man stood to our face.

The quote of the night goes to this jester from another school. Yes, we seated not at the UP side lest we asphyxiate. After a dull performance of his own school’s squad, he went, “Okay lang yan, p’re. At least nakapagpractice tayo sa loob ng Araneta (It’s fine now. At least, we had our squad practice in Araneta).”


Rikiflo has just got to wear shades (Pic by Rach Hermosura)

Speaking of, I’m a little afraid my friend Riki has officially reached a stalkerdom-status. Particularly cyberstalkerdom for that. For the past months ever since I was active doing some PR requirements for UAAP, her name has been googled many times to reach my blog, specifically to this post. (Yes, I know. WordPress does this amazing job to detect how people get to your site.) So it’s kinda creepy to know that people also type “Barry Viloria” in their search engines a couple of times. And that’s ME we’re talking about. Nothing gets creepier.

Anyway, Riki just for the past two to three days has been googled about150 times already. No kidding!! Haha. Lagot tayo dyan, Riki. In any case, you’re the woman!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. No bumping into each other again on that side? Haha,

  2. @ BarryCyrus..!
    napanood ko yan..!
    sa bahay nga lang..!
    sa TV..!
    humanga rin ako…
    sa UP PEP SQUAD..!
    cool yung haircut nila..!
    and sila lang yung…
    na maintain yung…
    theme nilang…
    from beginning to end..!
    congratulations..! 🙂

  3. congrats sa UP.

    kahit siyempre suportado ko ang school ko for this one, i know UP has a spot in the top ones in this event kasi they did a good job.

  4. I did see this on another website. Good job UP! How have you been Barry?

  5. Tamaraw ako eh pero mahal ko si Riki Flores. Ahihi

  6. Argh! It still pisses me off when I look back on myself being a loser for not having Studio 23 and having too slow a connection to do livestream! 😦

    I like her, that Riki. Too bad I’m gay. :p

  7. galing, daming nagchecheer, parang buong q.c nagpuntahan para lang sa kanila.

  8. panalo na naman kayong mga taga UP!!!

    kaya pala tuwang tuwa yung kapatid kong bunso eh panalo school nyo


  9. Push on UP! For the first time this season, my FB status proudly proclaimed my pride for my…errr, our school. hehe. never mind the 0-14 basketball standing. ahahahaa!

  10. congrats UP. pero angat pa rin ang PUP sa name. 2 ang ‘P’ namen eh.
    ok, ang corny ko.

    hahaaha! 🙂

  11. UP Pep Squad Cheers!
    kahit 0-14 ang Team

    That’s the Spirit!

  12. woot!! GO UP!!! ahahaha! \m/

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