Superficial Intelligence

It is a wonder why I watch TV shows that are so inane they might as well grind my brain into rat droppings. First, it’s fun to watch good-looking, poreless celebs appear ridiculous. And second, it kinda brings complacence to know you’re more intelligent than some people in the world.

In the world of Gossip Girl, no one is real albeit being a teen drama New York-based show. Good ol’ season one is now no more.

Two seasons have passed thereafter and I thought the show was chicken pox for the soul. Josh Schwartz and his lackeys of writers apparently have been infested– storylines have gone from excitingly tumultuous to aimlessly platitudinous; everyone’s a bitch, a gorgeous, zit-less bitch in Dior; the show’s almost hopeless anymore I could’ve just stayed in a coma. Someone online told me that the writers were “on crank” last season. True. Thankfully, they have their The OC-kind of music and Blake Lively to have had me glued to the monitor still.

And this is not a joke. When I was watching the season four premiere, my friend Cake (who just opened her ~new blog, yay!) suggested that I “stop” watching the show. Period.

No, I told her, I need to feel ~smarter.

Of course if only the UES kids were as gritty as the ones in Skins, I’d be a little happier. But as I said, I need to feel dense at times so the real-life problems that smolder everyone’s asses can be tolerated better. Apart from this excuse, Katie Cassidy’s inclusion, Blair’s awesome zingers, Serena’s nonchalance (“I wouldn’t worry about Chuck … any normal summer he’s drunk on some island where polygamy is legal. Given everything that happened it makes sense he’s gone rogue” LOL),  how everyone manages to look ethereal even after being shoved to the fountain… this show still has me wanting to lose some neurons.

And I didn’t just say I ~love losing some neurons.

Of course, Gossip Girl is an antidote to my self-loathing. When I feel dumb, or sentimental or if I think I wanna be rich and prosperous, I watch the show without even thinking.

Serena pouts (pic by TV Fanatic)Blair pouts too (pic by TV Fanatic)Chuck pouts three (pic by TV Fanatic)

On the contrary, someone just proposed that superficial Gossip Girl is nonetheless a total, 21st century paradigm of the glamorous, old art that changed world ~culture. The word plays on the episode titles and the outfits and the scenery have of course were what the author meant:

There have been some insightful and interesting articles on those film references. Like The O.C., which was known for its frequent pop culture tidbits, some of them are obvious: Audrey Hepburn as a leitmotiv for Blair’s tastes and characterization, the smart episode titles all playing with actual movie titles, Vanessa’s frequent shout-outs to obscure world cinema films, and most recently, vampire movie craze. But the best film references are the ones that are harder to unveil, the ones that only movie junkie viewers can perceive. [Doing Gossip Girl Cinematic Justice]

Astounding post but for me, GG has become unfortunately, as I’ve reiterated, just a guilty pleasure. If I want to listen to new indie or pop, or see Nate’s blue-palette closet (I prefer his style over Chuck’s), or laugh at Dan Humphrey being… Dan Humphrey, I watch this show. Notwithstanding, this has launched two great actresses: Lively (a modified, immaculate Clara Bow it-girl) and Leighton Meester (a teen idol topping music charts). Ultimately, I’d say I would want this show to go on as long as it’s superficial. Cos I think with that, it’s still making ~sense and I don’t care if you don’t get me.

So there… how bout you guys, what show/s make you feel ~smarter? If you’d say The Big Bang Theory, we were never friends.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I suppose it would be The Office for me. If they can keep a salaried position in America, anyone can.

  2. You’re right. I don’t get you. I don’t get Gossip Girl. :p

    And it’s ANTM for me. Those brainless model wannabes. 😀

  3. I stopped watching GG after the 1st season, everything just got so confusing. Couldn’t follow the storyline anymore but I’m still in love with Blair Waldorf. 😉

    I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars now, another batch of poreless celebs (like you would say haha), who seem so utterly clueless with their lives. 🙂

    • Well, GG IS confusing Lol. Blair has a lot of fans. But people know I’ve got the hots for Serena haha

      PLL was described by a review as “Gossip Girl meets I Know What You Did Last Summer” haha. I’ll ~try to watch that too, mind you 🙂

  4. Hindi ako makarelate dahil wala akong napapanood sa lahat ng sinabi mo, wala akong cable. Nyeta. Gusto ko yung Big Bang Theory, lalo na kapag pinapanood ko kasama ang kapatid ko kasi nanggugulo pa ako ng kapatid para lang ipa-explain kung bakit nakakatawa yung sinasabi nila. Asar ang kapatid ko, masaya ako. =)

  5. Ako din hindi makarelate eheeheh
    sorry naman sir eheheh

    ang tanda ko lang talaga na series na sinubaybayan ko nung nasa Pinas ako ay ang smallville, heroes, prison break at hindi cable yan, free tv ko pinapanood. eheeheh

  6. I watch Gossip Girl b’cause its an escape. It’s like my mind goes blank, forgetting all the work, writing, etc I have to face…

  7. Hmmm. A show that makes me feel smarter?
    Lost. Haha, especially if you’re joining the online debates.

    This is Last Click Syndrome, by the way. I’m moving to Blogger coz of the $10 requirement for the domain mapping. 🙂

    • Oh hey Wilfred! Welcome.

      I haven’t watched an ep of Lost but it has become boring na rin ata haha So consider that no plans of watching. GG meanwhile is still interesting. Lol!

  8. I really did enjoy this post but I am also considering having a television intervention for you.

    You know you have a problem, that’s the first step to recovery.

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