The ~Guwapo Shall Prevail

I watched the premiere of John Erick Dowdle’s Devil with Jean and Ayla last week. (I love free passes!) Twas a story about five strangers trapped in an elevator, get stuck in it then bad things happen to them. By bad, I mean, the lights indiscriminately turn on-and-off and one by one, a person gets killed. Everyone’s a suspect, etc etc, but one thing’s for sure: The “good-looking” will never die.

If there is a devil, then maybe there’s a God.

It had to occur to me if the movie was terrifyingly under the genre of horror or suspense, or a little of both like my favorite Final Destination trilogy. In the first 45 seconds, the projector shuts down. It comes to life again. Three seconds later, Megamall loses its cinematic prowess again. Now that’s HORROR.

So anyway, here are the involved:

The Vontrapped, lol (Pics from IMDB, edited by Myself)

  • The “well-off” beautiful Russian woman. “Do I look like a threat to you?” she charms as she bypasses the security for not signing-up.
  • The co-worker of Tom at the greetings card house in 500 Days of Summer, who is revealed to be a scammer.
  • Typical granny in wool.
  • The claustrophobic ~bouncer, lol. He’s too dumb for someone who guards the building– he doesn’t even know the SOP of situations like this! Hello, try pushing the emergency button, one suggests. I wanted to say, “Right on moron!”
  • And finally, the ~good-looking guy. (I didn’t know he was a mechanic with that trendy crisp denim shirt.)


Apparently, the guy (Logan Marshall-Green) is spared by the “Devil” together with the schmexxy girl (Bojana Novakovic) who was wounded first. He is discovered to be a street-savvy, former marine who did– despite unintentionally– a hit-and-run to a woman with her baby son. Feeling so sorry, he left a note on a a carwash discount coupon “I am sorry.” In the end, he and the beautiful girl remain alive inside the elevator. They suspect each other so hard yet so good-looking no one in the audience wanted them dead.

But alas, the female gets stabbed and loses breath, and the mortifying old lady rises with clouted pupils. And oh, she is the “Devil.” Great, the ~good-looking guy is her target all along for doing the crime of hit-and-run. He says he’s deeply sorry and his formidable character shatters.

“Damn, I really wanted you,” the granny says as she brushes her curly blond hair. The ~good-looking guy survives. Period. In a May-December perspective, we thought he spared him cos he’s– gasp!– guwapo.


Nowadays I assume being talented is already better recognized than being JUST guwapo or maganda, but Western views still point out otherwise. My mom herself hates to see Pokwang or Ai-ai delas Alas on TV. “Pangit na nga ako, manonood pa ‘ko ng kapwa pangit (I’m already ugly so what’s the point of watching something yet ugly?),” she’d articulate.

Au contraire, I love Ai-ai and Pokwang. And Michael V and Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Black and Lee Norris. Not that they’re “ugly” but they constitute the minority of what it takes to be A Star. They’re witty and smart and charismatic and have character. The looks only come as a bonus for me.  So if you’ll excuse me Jake Cuenca fans as I vomit on your ~idol’s chest.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Haha. this makes me want to see the movie, maybe soon. Uhm, and for the guwapos. Laos na sila! hehe.

    Jake Cuenca? Who’s that?! Lol

  2. I haven’t read your post yet. Are there spoilers? lol
    I’m planning to watch this kasi.

  3. Schmexxi girl died too, right?

  4. Okay, I wont even read the comments. Hahaha

  5. Hey Barry!

    I wanted to watch this, but I made the mistake of reading through your post. Oh man!


  6. I totally agree! And racism aside, bakit laging yung mga Black characters ang unang napapatay sa mga thriller movies. Tapos at the end, yung dalawang maganda at gwapo ang natitira, and they hook up afterwards.

  7. Hahahah I really didn’t want to see this movie because it just seemed so .. dumb. But now you make it seem a bit hilarious!

  8. may chance na mapanood ko it dito sa disyerto yey!

    and i agree plus factor lang ang physical looks, plus factor lang, plus factor lang, eheheh

  9. Love the Jake Cuenca comment. :)) The same goes to Marian Rivera fans. The adjective that describes her is the only English word she can say in a commercial–“beautiful”.

  10. Okay… just basing this on the spoilers but that’s kind of a lame movie. Hahaha.

  11. Mamaya pupunta ako sa hidalgo. for sure, marami nito dun. haha!

  12. interesting, huh… mahanap nga sa street. 🙂

  13. This movie sounds like shit! Where the flark is The Poughkeepsie Tapes?!?!?!

  14. This made me REALLY wanna watch the movie. I know, I’m such a loser, this has been in cinemas for weeks and I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve been busy. But thanks for this spoiler! Now I get to be the one scaring everyone else watching it with me! LOL

    Looks isn’t everything… it’s something though! LOL

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