Monthly Archives: October 2010

Live like We’re Dying

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” – a classic Cady Heron line, I know. But with its proximity to the first days of November, which means Undas, and the recent natural malevolence going on, I think the recent theme has been death. From Paul the Octopus to Kookie Ramirez to Indonesians to Blake-Penn romance, death is all over! ( Read more… )

The world won’t shut up

Cos Juan (international name: Megi) kinda disrupted our Internet in the pad, I’m blogging straight from the, yes, newsroom. I can’t believe I’m writing about ~sports now, which I haven’t done until last Monday. (No one also believes that I wear blazers + shorts to work.) Thanks to my job, I almost literally am a human version of Collecta. I suddenly know everything that’s happening REAL-TIME. Gasp! ( Read more… )


Even Chuck‘s very own Morgan Grimes and Jeffster feel happy for my being, drum roll please, EMPLOYED. (I shiver every time I say or type that word.) Starting tomorrow,  you’ll see me fastened to a PC and a desk or loitering around the ABS-CBN Newsroom, looking Natefused about being part of the working class. Now congratulate me. Who knew a schmuck like me could actually find a “job?” ( Read more… )

Diet Another Day

I’m not a healthy person, that’s pretty obvious. Vegetables are my mortal enemies; I eat veggies when I just feel like it. I better sing Journey’s Open Arms than stuff my mouth with anything that belongs to the “Glow” food. I like lettuce coleslaw, malunggay and broccoli, and so on, though. My mom’s post-stroke case has led her to watch her diet with the copiousness of, eww, gulay. Everybody listen now! ( Read more… )