(More) Greed is Good

I’m not fully jolly enough to be all blog-giddy guys. And you all know why. I just have to write this just because I write and I cannot not write things I want to write, assuming I write well or even just “write.” So right now, lemme write about Michael Douglas and Resorts World’s Cinema. So that’s me tackling about greed and more greed. Why is greed so attracting and why are attractions so greedy?

Jacob Moore: If it weren’t for people who took risks, where would we be in this world?

Wall Street 2

On Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

  • A local columnist asks why Oliver Stone didn’t choose to write “2”, after the original title of the movie, to indicate a sequencial aspect. I guess twas that Money Never Sleeps came long AFTER a decade. Haha.
  • I didn’t get a lot from the movie precisely cos I don’t comprehend economics, finances and, drum roll please, math. My HS friend Aien, who studies accounting, pretty did. In the papers, the business section is personally off the rack. The only time I touch such thing is when I have to use something as a base of a paintboard so the spritzed paint won’t stick to the tiles. And I don’t paint!
  • I got only certain parts of the whole Wall Street jazz thanks to Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities, a book on how the Master of the Universe Sherman McCoy fell off the pedestal quite harshly. I read it last year and got enlightened that “yuppie” is in total level of mock, not a compliment.
  • In the Philippines, the word is taken in as an uplifting label– someone from the A, B to upper C classes, who works at a BPO after college, in sleeved shirts, tie, black slacks, and so-shiny leather shoes that have too much light energy it could as well be a source of solar-powered electricity in an Australian outback. More stupidly, “yuppie” has also been used in the marketing schemes of corporate companies. Our product will target on young, urban professionals blah blah…
  • Back to the movie, I love how Michael Douglas is so sinister as Gordon Gekko. One minute, he’s the ex-convict who gets welcomed by no one after prison, wholeheartedly trying to win back her estranged daughter (Carey Muligan). And the next, he’s the cigar-smoking jackass in London who gets to employ a Willem-Dafoe-like chuckle, wholeheartedly ignoring the tailor who’s been fitting his suits on him.
  • Jacob (Shia Lebouf) is told by his father-like pal, “The last time I remember you, you were a thin kid with funny hair.” I wanted to say, “Well he still is!” Lulz. Even Stevens days.

Resorts World loitering then cocktail party (Pic by Aien Branzuela)

On Resorts World: Newport Cinema

  • So I watched Wall Street 2 thanks to the by-invitation (or sort) premiere, for Supreme‘s third anniv Wednesday night last last week. Twas my first time in the place and I couldn’t believe I didn’t try to scour the area when I was at Marriott for days last February. The place is like a landmine for ~poor people like me. Imagine EDSA Shang with coffee shops in every corner, a hotel-like lobby and a full-on casino.
  • I was, as usual, looking too bohemian cos face it: It was just a movie screening. Tim Yap and the others were less cool-casual though but this I didn’t get at all: WHY WERE THERE HS STUDENTS WHO HAD TO WEAR PARTY ATTIRE? High heels, really? “You’re making a statement, Barry,” says Cai who I met at the Supreme talks. Of course I wasn’t. At least, not intentionally. Lol.
  • The Newport Cinema was remarkably deluxe. The middle orchestra had six seats per row, and the right and left sides both had two each. So that’s just like a breezy, 10 “business-class” chairs in a line. By pair, the seats were walled for privacy. Comfort was right then and there. You pull this nozzle at the side of your seat and rather swiftly, it automatically reclines with your legs up.
  • Getting fat was also right then and there cos of the unlimited popcorn and soda. (Hence the “more greed” reference.) You just had to press a button and an attendant springs to your face, then delivers your junk food in a while.
  • As we exited the cinema, I saw Preview‘s mythical yet down-to-earth Anna “Perfect” Canlas. Haha. She went to the next screening after ours together with some socialites. I congratulated her for her Anne Curtis story and she replied that she also read my article. Kiligz!
  • Also saw my good friend Bia, another signature CMC hottie. All of the sudden, I thanked the cosmos that I pursued media studies. For after graduation, I’d gotten to see their faces as we individually “work” in different media outlets. Even just in events like this.
  • And oh, there was also a raffle afterwards. Guess what, nabunot name ko! I just won myself a P1000 gift card for Powerbooks! I was gleeful cos this is my first time to actually win anything from a raffle! Twas far better than what generous Tim was giving away for the others, like Greenwich GCs, or… Greenwich GCs. “Baka tumaba pa ‘ko dun,” I told Raymond of Supreme. He looked stunned so he just said, “Antabi mo kasi.” Word.

Coolness Inside! (Pics by Aien Branzuela)

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  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Good to hear from you (again) Barry. After what happened.

  3. Congrats on that Powerbooks win!

  4. ako ay magiting mong fan! BWAHAHAHAH

  5. gising na umaga na barry

  6. hahaha cute pictures! i probably won’t see this until it goes to dvd…

  7. ay dyan nagtatrabaho yung friend ko, at matagal na nya ako niyayaya magpunta dyan. kaso sushal sushalan nga no.

    eeeh. shia shia shia! just tell me when will he turn into a man? 😉

  8. Wow naman. I think the Newport Cinema is really cool. Swabeng swabe.

  9. Hmmmm after reading your opinion, I think I won’t be watching this movie lols

    Congratulations on winning the raffle. By the way, where in Manila is Resorts World: Newport Cinema?

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