Diet Another Day

I’m not a healthy person, that’s pretty obvious. Vegetables are my mortal enemies; I eat veggies when I just feel like it. I better sing Journey’s Open Arms than stuff my mouth with anything that belongs to the “Glow” food. I like lettuce coleslaw, malunggay and broccoli, and so on, though. My mom’s post-stroke case has led her to watch her diet with the copiousness of, eww, gulay. Everybody listen now!

Thanks to my mom’s neurologist, a jolly, smart, straight-arrow flirty male doctor (I’m really sensing a lot wrong here. Anyway…), I learned the following pointers which I think I should too heed soon knowing that I am TOO unhealthy. My mother needs to follow a balanced diet (in our words, dyeta ng nagpapapayat) so she can easily move her muscles with a lighter weight– accompanied by thrice-a-week therapy sessions. Eventually she’ll walk again.

I nevertheless feel like following the same diet because I want to be fit. (I now have the recipe for a palatable GV food that consists of SkyFlakes, the Omega-3 fiber-full lightweight one, sauced with Del Monte tomato ketchup. It’s delicioso, promise!) Although, I do not wish to become fit just because people tell me I should. (Please, Matthew McConaughey you don’t fool me.) I want to become one so I can be more sturdy– both physically and mentally. With ~employment over the corner, being health-conscious is nothing dangerous. So folks, read the following without hesitation although you already know most of them:

  • Cholesterol is a slut— it’s easy on the eyes but it can ruin your life. The best type of oil to cook your food with is olive oil. And olive oil is expensive. Bummer.
  • There is no such thing as vegetable oil cos in the first place, you can’t squeeze oil from vegetables.
  • Chicken breast is the only thing non-fatty in a chicken. Meanwhile the most fatty is also the most yummy: The Dreaded Wings.
  • All kinds of fish are best especially tunas and salmons. Other seafood are okay but crabs, squids, octopi… no no.
  • The healthiest fruits are bananas and apples. If we had blueberries in town, they’d also count, with all those antioxidants.
  • To balance sugar intake, don’t eat too much fruits per meal. Half a fist-sized apple for breakfast and another for lunch is A-okay. Hence the quote, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
  • Doc McFlirty also suggests that if you want to ~really lose weight, don’t eat rice. Then again, it’s like suggesting, “Stop being Pinoy.”
  • Oatmeal is a good substitute for rice. Then again, you could only inhale much. Question: Does champorado count as oatmeal?
  • Soft drinks are a dangerous beverage for the diabetic. And my mother used to buy at least a case a week. She was so into Coke she resisted Pepsi or other knock-offs; we couldn’t trick her cos her taste buds are destined to determine Coca-Cola from other sodas.
  • The least worse soft drink? The white ones: Sprite, 7-Up, etc.
  • The best factor in losing weight or just being fit now is moderation. Don’t worry about those billboards which feature the abs and calves of the century. Face it, those models almost died having those “sexy” figures. They may have the body to swoon for but come on, with a balanced diet, you can have a tolerable body and eat lechong kawali without all the guilt trapped within the insecurities of this universe.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Champorado is rice. So, nope, not oatmeal.

    >”The best factor in losing weight or just being fit now is moderation. Don’t worry about those billboards which feature the abs and calves of the century. Face it, those models almost died having those “sexy” figures. They may have the body to swoon for but come on, with a balanced diet, you can have a tolerable body and eat lechong kawali without all the guilt trapped within the insecurities of this universe.”

    Very true

  2. Buti na lang healthy ang banana. Ahihihi.

  3. i’m banana-phobic, i dont know why
    feeling ko macho-choke ako pag kinain ko

  4. “The healthiest fruits are bananas and apples.”

    buti na lang mahilig ako sa saging. hihi

    olive oil, kumusta naman ang presyo! pero i heard, more on pangdressing lang sya, hindi pwede pang fry fry.

    kanin talaga ang ultimate culprit. as in. nagbawas ako drastically sa kanin, and i lost… 30 lbs! 😛

  5. I’m so unhealthy sometimes I hate myself but I eat bananas a lot and I love it (: I’ll make myself better by playing tennis and badminton.

    Love this post ((:

  6. Skyflakes with tuna on top or skyflakes with cheese whiz 🙂

    Squid? they’re good XD

    Don’t like the wings :p

    Softdrinks is bad to the health. I can live without drinking it.

    Why not go to the gym? 🙂

    • Try the Skyflakes non-fat. Better. 🙂

      Nada, squid are not that good daw.

      WHAT?? Wings are my fave!!!

      Haha Summer2009 I tried living with a bottle of soft drink for only once a week. And the rest, water na. Felt good 🙂

      I’ll go to the gym soon 🙂

  7. I have ran my whole life since the age of seven. I ran for my school, my state and almost the country before an injury ruled me out. Running is seriously underrated, jogging twice a week and a sensible diet is all that is needed to carry you through life. The rest is just the cream on the cake… if you know what I mean.

    • Eek, thing is I’m as lazy as anyone could get haha I’m planning to try being fit though. I’m tall and quite thin. Not scrawny-thin though. I want therefore to be lean eventually 🙂

      Oh no, in the Philippines I believe, running and jogging have both become a fad. So I guess that’s a good thing for everyone. 🙂

  8. I love eating healthy Barry. I have a fruit and veggie smoothie almost every morning and I eat brown rice for fiber and lots of salmon and chicken breasts.

    I have a post idea that I would like to run by you. Most of it sounds like rambling so don’t be surprised if it confuses you. I hope you would like to be a part of it. I’m sending the email shortly. Take care.

    • Got that Tom. It’s like a “meme” where people around answer the same set of questions in their own respective POVs. I’ll email you back more extensively later 🙂

      Anyway, back to the post, I’m in love with fruits and other ~healthy food! Veggies, not so much haha

  9. Hey Barry!

    Thanks for the nutritional bits of info!

    I have actually stopped eating rice, but there are instances where I have to: Occasions, no alternatives on a restaurant’s entrees, etc. But I am pretty much Pinoy.

    I think we can file champorado under porridge/congee. It’s just chocolate-flavored.

    Diabetics really have to be skillful in their food choices. For meal staples, brown rice is recommended. If hunger is frequently felt, consider taking six or eight SMALL meals per day. For sweet-toothed diabetics, consider those sugar brands found in drug stores that are specifically targeted for diabetics. Muscovado is also a good alternative.

    Hope your mom copes with her condition very well. You be strong for her too.


  10. usapang balanced diet pala ito.
    kailangan natin ito kasi mahirap ng magkasakit
    at least being healthy without punishing ourselves with laborious gym attendance will help
    pero at least magpapawis din while eating those healthy foods.

  11. hahaha. para sa kapatid ko itong post na to haha.
    umuwi un after 3mos, pagkakita ko, “parang nanaba ka LALO. ” i said un pala pinagmamalaki naglalakad nalang daw sya from work-home, d nakain ng bfast and diner. sabi ko nalang “kung ganyan ang resulta stick nalang ako sa size ko ngayon hahaha”

    ayoko na mag diet, napayat muka ko na nagreresulta sa lalong nagpapahalatang mahirap ko, haha. naiiwan naman ang taba sa braso at bilbil sa tyan. haha g’luck sayo

  12. Chicken Wings are the ones with the most fat? WTF?
    Yun pa naman most favorite part ko.

  13. Oh I hate chicken breasts and seafoods. Bummer

  14. “Doc McFlirty”.

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