The world won’t shut up

Cos Juan (international name: Megi) kinda disrupted our Internet in the pad, I’m blogging straight from the, yes, newsroom. I can’t believe I’m writing about ~sports now, which I haven’t done until last Monday. (No one also believes that I wear blazers + shorts to work.) Thanks to my job, I almost literally am a human version of Collecta. I suddenly know everything that’s happening REAL-TIME. Gasp!

  • If not the alleged terrorist kidnappings or hostage dramas, the Philippines becomes instant CNN hitmakers for one-of-a-kind supertyphoons. Poor Isabela I know, and this weekend, enters another storm in the country’s AOR. Is the Philippines even a safe place to live in, I am seriously considering.
  • Speaking of things the opposite of safety, why are buses the next Terminators? I am not a fan of buses unless I’m in my province. From killing beauty queens to holding innocent foreigners, I won’t be surprised if these vehicular culprits perform a revolution against their smeared plate numbers. Hi James Cameroon (or McG?), you can thank me for the idea.
  • I’ve read about the “immortal hamburger” here in WordPress before. Science says that when food is too dry, it won’t grow molds or bacteria. The more-than-a-hundred day Happy Meal won’t spoil and with that, I’m officially grossed out! (I’m so fake. After today, you might as well see me ordering two McDo cheeseburgers.)

Neverending Happy Meal

  • Beyoncé is pregnant! “But it’s not Jay-Z’s child,” an officemate says, “It’s Destiny’s Child!” I just rolled on the floor.
  • Batista is moving to mixed martial arts for real. Fellow former WWE superstar Lesnar, who also chose grappling over just badmouthing and feigned ~wrestling, will battle Velasquez this Sunday. Just saying.
  • Charice arrives in Manila with ‘David Foster & Friends,’ sporting— guess what— badass leather jacket and he usual Elvis Costello spectacles! Lol! Again, just saying.

About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Ooh, real time news. Galing. Keep doing great Kuya Barry!

  2. so how’s the yuppie? hihi

    wow! buti pa si beyonce umamin nang buntis? si mariah kasi, aamin lang yata pag lumabas na ang baby.

    charice looks pretty ah! the botox worked, i think 😛

  3. Pa-cheeseburger ka naman! 🙂

  4. Namatay ako sa Destiny’s child! :))

  5. “it’s Destiny’s Child!” WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! haha! 🙂

  6. Congrats sir barry! yehey party party na ito, yeah boy a sports writer next thing we know nasa TV ka na! hohohohohoho
    and prepare for Katring paparating na daw siya ta malamang sa newsroom ka na naman magba-blog hehehehe

    pwede bang magrequest? wag ng ibalita si willie

  7. Haha. I feel the same way re: McDo

    I’m craving for fries right now…

  8. gumaganda si charisss impernesssss.

    • I just tweeted two consecutive, um, tweets ridiculing Charice’s hair and diction. And what do I get? A stranger tweeting back, “Wow, you’re a great fan of charice, you watch her every move.” T_T

  9. ugh! immortal burger??? haha!
    CONGRATS FOR GETTING HIRED! – this is the third time that i’m saying this. haha! 2 accounts in my blog and here. =)

  10. I watched the Happy Meal video on CNN. One more reason to eat less fastfood, and get a little healthier.

    Okay, I probably won’t last with the diet and all, but at least I’m trying, right? (Excuse of a glutton)

  11. Hi Barry, I’m Dani! :))

    LOLed on the Beyonce news. That’s so benta! :))

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