Monthly Archives: November 2010

Teenage Scream

With (somehow sober) Mara Luna (Pic by Ayen dela Torre)There are times when I just wanted to freeze time itself, borrow someone else’s videocam and shoot from the beginning. I’m not yet old, but now I feel so. With the Harry Potter movie series to end next year, it’s like a lifetime– a good chunk of my lifetime– raced past me. And this is coming from someone who’s not a fan of that lightning scar. I think I’m missing a lot: Movies, books, history, people, music, myself. ( Read more… )

I Now Pronounce You…

I had a chance to watch 9 Works’ production of The Wedding Singer last weekend for, yes, “work.” I dragged my friend Jean to the gala show held at the enormous yet molds-whiffed Meralco Theater in Pasig. The more interesting part of the night though was when the spotlight escaped the stage, for an actual “surprise” wedding proposal. And we thought these stuff only happened in the movies. ( Read more… )

Dark Circles of Life

I guess this week has been bad. Not just for Indonesians or Limewire children (like me). It had to come. Stress and being scolded by the editor (more than once a day) had to come. I feel little, and I don’t know how long I would want to shrink myself in the corporate world. I love my job, really. I guess I’m just tired, dead-tired. And not even a picture with Noynoy can de-stress me. Cough (2x). ( Read more… )