I Now Pronounce You…

I had a chance to watch 9 Works’ production of The Wedding Singer last weekend for, yes, “work.” I dragged my friend Jean to the gala show held at the enormous yet molds-whiffed Meralco Theater in Pasig. The more interesting part of the night though was when the spotlight escaped the stage, for an actual “surprise” wedding proposal. And we thought these stuff only happened in the movies.

After Act One transpired, the musical’s cast assembled to call on a “pre-drawn raffle” where a certain woman from the orchestra “won.” She walked to the scene and got followed by her beau, who eventually held the microphone and professed his affection.

Before we knew it, he was offering an engagement ring to which the overwhelmed woman said “Yes!”

(Well, I thought it would be more dramatic if she said a solid No. But the whatchamacallit kilig vibes were enough to send the crowd who barely knows the couple to the roof.)

Anyway, I wrote the review of the 1980s musical, based on an Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore-starred film for ABS-CBN Lifestyle HERE.

The musical comedy’s strongest part, as we said, was bringing the play to a level Filipinos can relate to. For nothing is more aptly Pinoy than 2 people next to a Dumpster, composing a song. Or than a hopeful attempt to stop the love of your life’s own wedding.

On another note, I have to give our props to director Robbie Guevara for bringing fresh air to a musical with leather outfits, neon tights and heavy-as-adobe bangles. Even after blaring 80s nostalgia, the play never failed to impress even the young generation.

One particular dialogue couldn’t have been as witty and comical if it weren’t delivered at this moment, right here, right now.

It was when Julia Sullivan (played by Iya Villania/Shiela Valderama-Martinez) was talking to her would-be groom and Wall Street tycoon, Glenn Gulia (played by Jeremy Aguado), through a stationary pay phone. The guy then told her he was in his car.

“How could you call inside your car?” Julia asked.

“It’s a cellular phone,” the wealthy guy retorted.

Jeremy Aguado (as Glenn), Shiela Valderama/Iya Villania alternate (as Julia), Gian Magdangal (as Robbie)

Jeremy Aguado (as Glenn), Shiela Valderama/Iya Villania alternate (as Julia), Gian Magdangal (as Robbie). Pic by Theaterrific


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  1. Ayos to ha. Mukhang enjoy ka naman. Jejeje. Sana nga no nalang sinabeh.

  2. ang sosyal naman ng article mo sa abs.com

  3. Gian Magdangal is one of those people who irritate me for reasons I cannot quite put my finger on. Like Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. I just hate them.

  4. Sa susunod sana ako naman ang isama mo. Feeling close? Hahaha!

  5. balita ko mahusay daw si Gian sa play na yan.. pero sa Party P, bakit di sya mahusay masyado? sabagay, theater actor naman talaga sya ever since 😛

  6. Saw Gian naman as rock star Roger for RENT. He did pretty okay, just hated his fake tattoo and I-shall-forever-eyeliner-and-mascara-cause-I’m-a-rocker thing going on.

  7. naiinis ata ako kay Gian kasi I think he’s bading. lol

  8. I’ve never seen the Wedding Singer, but now I’m wondering if I should

  9. napanod ko rin wedding singer dati kaso bata pa ko kaya di ko naintindihan masyado.

    madownload nga

    ayos ah!! bigtime ka na barry!!! parang kelan lang e

  10. Sadly I have never seen the Wedding Singer and I am a fan of Drew. I am interested now. I think I will add it to my Netflix queue. Great post Barry and thanks for the congrats!

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