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I whip my New Year back and forth

Oh, look at that: It’s fuckin’ 2011 in a day. Cliché as it may sound but I really can’t believe time flew that fast. As in FAST!!! I’m now out of college, I’m kind of living on my own, I’m kind of earning for my crap and I’m… choked!  All that in a year?! Honestly, this 2010, I’ve been through a lot and so for 2011, I want myself a more steadfast, cool and non-harassing 365 days. No drama and no wars. ( Read more… )

The Grinch

I don’t care how annoying it is but Wham’s Last Christmas counts as my forever favorite song for the Holidays. Taylor Swift’s rendition also finds itself atop my personal Christmas hit chart. There’s also the spooky classic God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen or Mariah Carey’s Silent Night.

My most hated though would be The Twelve Days of Christmas. I mean, have you ever tried singing it? It’s unending! You would age even before reaching the 5th day bellowing it. It’s so longish your entire noche buena would have become your meja noche. And then, there’s also this ridiculous I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus of Jimmy Boyd– a tale about a Christmas pass on adultery.

Anyway, enough irony for the night. This season where everyone around you oblige you to be your happiest, I hope you are and will truly be happy.

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Like a (Christmas Party) Virgin

It’s been long since I’ve had a ~real Christmas party– complete with the obligatory exchange gifts and the sardonic laughter session that comes after one unfortunate being unwraps his/her gift giddy, excited, hopeful… only to get a scented candle.

Photos taken during our exclusive, nevertheless star-studded, DotCom Christmas party last week at Music Match, Tomas Morato. ( Read more… )

The Wages of Powerpoint Ignorance

A lot of people I know, including myself, suck at Microsoft Powerpoint. Guess it’s just that we have taken it for granted ever since we first used it for our sloppy reports on The Iliad and The Odyssey in– I dunno–  high school. But of course,  Powerpoint is beyond that. By this, you have to first watch the following video to know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll be as stupefied as I was. Watch now! ( Read more… )