Make Me Wanna Die

It is never advisable to sing a duet with someone you only dragged to the stage seconds after your karaoke original partner throws a Cinderella who had to really leave the gaiety before midnight, altogether to sing in front of the whole news team of the company you have only been for two months now: Take it from me. Yep, this is about my attempt to roar Irene Cara’s Fame in an ABS-CBN party recently.

That’s right people, I actually had the guts to show off something that needs to be buried in a Livejournal cut: Singing an 80s show tune.

See, last week, the network’s News and Current Affair Division had a nevertheless early Christmas party held at the Philippine Dream Academy concert court. The event followed a retro theme hence the Afro hair, flared pants, denim whatnots and the color orange.

So along with raffles and awardings of those who deserve such prices, we also had a karaoke competition.

And. I. Had. To. ~Represent

With my former duet partner’s proxy, Miss, Reyma, I belted a rendition of Fame– a failed, apologetic, cracked-up rendition of Fame.

The performance was more like a gag: I didn’t know when to enter. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know why I even took hold of the microphone in the first place. The amount of horror our singing propelled was serious that I had a post-traumatic disorder thereafter.

Ultimately I was inconsolable. I tainted the online team’s integrity. I pierced my remaining dignity. I cursed myself repeatedly.

Furthermore, blogging this whole shit is so heartbreaking I could stop blogging altogether. But then again, that wold be overdramatic. Hah! Labo.

But of course, I say I still had fun at the party even if I cringe every time I remember this anecdote.

As for now, let the photos speak…

Clockwise: (1) The parang-nagsho-shopping lang picture with showbiz reporter Gretchen Fullido; (2) ANC folks; (3) Gretch, Gabby Lopez, Noli de Castro and Korina Sanchez; (4) Donita Rose in her "surprise birthday party" before hollering "I Will Survive."

Clockwise: (1) With partner and entertainment writer Miss Reyma; (2) Jeff Canoy, Anjo Bagaoisan and Ryan Chua; (3) With sportscaster Dyan Castillejo; (4) ANC's Boyet Sison and Caroline Howard.

Clockwise: (1) Arnel Pineda; (2) Dotcom's Karen Galarpe, Lala Rimando, Karen Flores and Dennis Gasgonia; (3) Dotcom's cream of the crop KD; (4) Shie and (overworked) MCO oorgmate Rach.

Meanwhile, I’ve resolved to a new strategy to stop conversations that lead to what happened in the ~performance. When people ask what I’ve performed, I’d  just be breezy as I reply, “Shame. It’s a revival of the 80s pop Fame.”

*All photos by Shie Reyes


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Oh gosh. I got lots of of moments like this and I know how it feels kapag naaalala mo. GRABE! hahaha. But I’m sure you had fun that night, lots of personalities eh.

  2. haha! whatta shame! my sentiments too, what with all the newly hired auditors in our company required to perform any decent dance shit up the stage during our christmas party.

    you should be glad though. you met a lot of the most respected broadcasters and entertainers in the industry. wow!

  3. Hmmm, I’ve always thought that Fame would be revived as Lame, but oh well, a Shame revival mustn’t be that bad. BWAHAHAHA.

  4. I’m so proud of you Barry! Hahaha! You should have sung Bon Jovi kasi! That would have been awesome-r. =))

  5. Naiinis na akong magbasa dito dahil naiinggit lang ako. Ako na ang inggetera!

  6. asan ang video ng performance mo ng Shame? este Fame? baka nasa youtube, masearch nga haha. bilang BIGATIN ang mga kasama mo sa partey!!!!! gretchen fullido pa lang, bigatin na bigatin na ang future! 😉

  7. mukhang fun ang party! at shempre, i tried singing fame using the word shame. hahaha. pwede! 🙂

    link kita, barry, ha!

  8. Karaoke dares are always a priceless story to share. :))

  9. Glad to see you again Barry. It’s always nice when you visit. I was hoping you would have taken part in the meme but maybe next time. Merry Christmas.

  10. And btw I just realized that Jeff Canoy is in the pictures. Love you Jeff.

  11. I must say its a nerve wracking night for you, i once experienced that back in Saudi Arabia. Bigla ako isinalang ng director ayun, i forgot the lyrics so dinoktor ko, buti nlng hindi masyado halata. though after i performed one guy talked to me and said, ang galing mo mandaya ng lyrics (putek! blush ako nun sa hiya!) ahahahahaha

    Nice Blog bro! add kita sa link ko! 😀

  12. whoa!!! would definitely want to be among your audience 😀

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