Monthly Archives: January 2011

Underdog Days are Over

The greatest contribution of the national football team, also called the Azkals, to the country is introducing football as a more appropriate sport. The players, coming off from their feat against Vietnam last year that paved their way to overnight stardom, strove to pound us with the greatest truth of all time: “Basketball is not for Pinoys.” That football matches better with our height, physique, etc. ( Read more… )

“What’s up, science bitchiz?”

Good news for the whole universe (in a hot dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started!). The epic The Big Bang Theory just received a nod to push through for another 3 years. The show will thus run until 2013-14. Although I haven’t been watching this TV comedy hit  recently, I really have to say that I miss it so much. I miss Sheldon Cooper, his sacrcasm and geekiness. ( Read more… )

Taxi Evasion

My relationship with cab drivers is more than symbiotic. They take me to my destination; I pay them with the exact amount plus  a sensible chat. We don’t just talk about the weather. We talk about politics, celebrities, business,  the unending hardships of life and more weather. The cabbies I usually frequent to are nice and intelligent. They make it seem like life was easier with just driving to nowhere. ( Read more… )

Mantra for 2011: Good Vibes! Good Vibes!

Apparently– I reiterate –2010 has been a dramatic year for all of us (Note: national elections, WikiLeaks,  Katy Perry’s wedding, Lindsay Lohan’s jailcapades, graduation, etc). Nevertheless, I think a brighter year is out there that it’s almost a gut feel! So to everyone who was pretty much hurt/saddened/pounced in 2010, here’s some DJ Earworm mashup for more GV this 20-fuckin-11. ( Read more… )