Taxi Evasion

My relationship with cab drivers is more than symbiotic. They take me to my destination; I pay them with the exact amount plus  a sensible chat. We don’t just talk about the weather. We talk about politics, celebrities, business,  the unending hardships of life and more weather. The cabbies I usually frequent to are nice and intelligent. They make it seem like life was easier with just driving to nowhere.

I started to make cab-hailing as a hobby in the latter years of my college years. When I wake up so late (mostly no thanks to thesis stuff), I would jump out of bed, brush my teeth, change clothes and go straight to a church near us, where most taxis would pass by.

After I hitch onto one, it would take me just 20 minutes via shortcut at the Loyola Grand Villas and I’d be in UP on time. (If you were my classmate in my morning classes, I apologize for the stench.) Well, maybe a little bit late but still, I spared myself the discomfort of the FXs.

On events which will allow only a GPS for them to be located, I also employ cab-hailing a lot. The Fort? World Trade Center? Resorts World? Philippine Daily Inquirer building? Insert more South places here and the cabbie will solve my problem for me.

Being a usual passenger, I had also known how to screw overpricing cabbies before they screw me. I shun ones who ask for a fixed price even before I slide my derriere in the car. Of this, I do a dramatic stunt by slamming the door to their face. You should try it. It’s fun.

I also prepare barya as payment to resolve conflicts with cabbies with no change. Excuse me but I am not one to provide ~tips*~. Please, that could only be possible if I was some CEO like Don Draper.

Nevertheless, like aforementioned, the cabbies I normally encounter are fellow urban people who are just simply raising enough money for their families and selves.

As for me who burns the midnight oil for my job, I literally end the day at midnight expecting a safe ride home through taxis. This routine has taught me that me and the cabbies– we are all equal and desperate in this mad, mad food chain.

Manila at night (Photo Googled)

But of course, this will all end soon.

Last January 4, the Land Transportation Franchising Board declared the new flagdown rate for Metro Manila cabs which will only materialize 15 days after the 19th. By February, taxis will then ask for a minimum of P40 the split-second one drops his bottom on the cab seat.

Not to mention, there’re also the looming LRT and MRT fair hikes, with the Department of Transportation and Communication’s recent approval of the provisional fare increase for both.

Again, not to mention, there are also hikes in sugar, oil, bread, etcetera.

And all of these happening just in the beginning of the year.

Since last week, apparently affected by the price hikes, my officemate and I decided to tighten up our budget by riding jeepneys all the way to the Katipunan area– where we both reside. Of this, we save at least 40 pesos every day.

As of now, I only ride cabs on Mondays when my officemate is on her day-off. She, on the other hand, rides once a week as well on Fridays (my break).

Sigh, I dunno. I actually miss talking to cabbies. They really make me feel placid after all that tumult in the newsroom and in life, in general.

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  1. Taxis are for the rich, sad for the poor me. 😦

  2. I don’t miss riding taxis or talking to the drivers. As far as I remember, I think I’ve ridden Philippine taxis only twice or thrice, and the drivers were either unusually quiet or really talkative that it’s creepy! There’s this one too that terribly farted that my friends and I had to roll down the window for like 15 minutes. Sigh. Bad experiences.

    I remember my lolo telling me how much he hates money-grabbing choosy taxi drivers. He told me that some taxi drivers blatantly refused giving him a ride just because the place was “supposedly” far, unless he agree on the fixed rates the drivers were offering him. He said it was always like playing Laban O Bawi. Haha! So even though we badly needed a ride every monday (color coding! boo), there was this mutual agreement of riding either an FX, LRT, and/or a Jeepney.

    • Umm, thankfully the cabbies outside the complex I work in are generally affable. And I really find them very nice cos they don’t overprice.

      Then again, the ones you’re talking about are the lunatics. I despise them too but the govt has (re)launched this Oplan Isnabero thing where rude and greedy cabbies will be apprehended once report to the authorities 🙂

  3. I am dependent on cabs, and I can’t usually get off one without leaving a tip especially if the driver was really nice. But I just might rethink this dependence once they hike up their fares, or just rethink giving tips.

  4. bumili ka na ng tsekot! big time ka na eh! hahaha 😀

  5. The worst!!! It’s as if people aren’t hard-pressed enough, they’re gonna dump these price hikes on us… They should raise people’s salaries too but that’s daydreaming.

    “Of this, I do a dramatic stunt by slamming the door to their face. You should try it. It’s fun.”

    — I prefer not closing the door at all. I leave it open. This annoys them so much more haha…

  6. Ok ang mag taxi, hindi lang talaga maiiwasang my taxi driver na nanlalaman. Kung sakaling alam nyo na ang metro ay hindi tama. Sa pulis station nalang kayo magpahatid at tuluyan nalang ipahuli ang driver kung hindi makikipag ayus.

  7. masarap talagang makipagkwentuhan sa mga simpleng tao, mas madami silang maiseshare sa buhay buhay, and life is in the street. XD

    sasabihin ko sana maglakad ka nalang para mas tipid hahaha, mahal na nga daw lahat sa Pinas sabi ng nanay ko, kaya tipid tipid dapat.

    ikaw na ang nambabalya ng taxi kapag may presyo agad. hehehe

    be blessed sir!

  8. MRT is my fastest way to work, I rolled my eyes twice (swear, for some reason) upon hearing the news. As for taking the cab, I only do so when I’m already late and nakainom na ako.haha

    • Hahaha I, meanwhile, rolled my eyes more than twice. Labo.


      Haha I do take the MRT and I’m planning to hoard Stored Value tix before they even get more expensevvv! Eeh.

  9. Good thing I only have to ride taxis once in a while when work takes me to Makati or farther places. And when that happens, I pay about 500 pesos one way because I only get TAI taxis…I don’t mind, though, since it’s the office that pays for it, but still, this is 500 bucks down the drain for a short ride. That’s also because where I am (which is in the South), very few would venture and go to Makati, and vice versa. However, with the toll fee increase, not to mention the steady oil price increases, I think even that fixed 500 bucks would go higher. hay. Good luck to all of us!

    oh, I also like talking to the TAI taxi drivers. They’re all nice. 🙂

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