Underdog Days are Over

The greatest contribution of the national football team, also called the Azkals, to the country is introducing football as a more appropriate sport. The players, coming off from their feat against Vietnam last year that paved their way to overnight stardom, strove to pound us with the greatest truth of all time: “Basketball is not for Pinoys.” That football matches better with our height, physique, etc.

Last Monday, I had the chance to meet the Azkals (again) for the contract signing between ABS-CBN Sports and the Philippine Football Federation.

For the year, the company has been given the rights to air the Azkals’ games especially the home match against Mongolia for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup this February.

It was my first ~sports coverage actually, being new to the job and to the industry in general. Amid myself scampering from east to west, and north to south, just to take photos and interview the relevant people I needed for my web articles, I have to say that I had a lot of fun.

I was also with my blockmate in college, Kat, who was working for Metro magazine— a subsidiary lifestyle magazine of ABS-CBN.

As we went on the coverage, I suddenly blanked. Then I told her, “Kat… Look, ‘real world.'”

I don’t know. Apparently, a lot has changed since a year ago.

Last year, we were just talking about what to actually do with our effed up thesis dilemmas. And now, we’re talking with, writing articles about and taking unsolicited fan photos with, yes, Phil Younghusband. Lol.

With Coach Hans Michael Weiss.

Miss Ira: "I'm a certified wag now!" Lol.

With Phil Younghusband in the newsroom, December 2010. PS That's my handwriting. Lol.

The Azkals and me during ANC's Hardball


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. eeeeeeh level up to the highest leveling ka na talaga Barry! at mukhang fasyon na fasyon ka na ah.

    go Barry! 😉

  2. Great things for you, Barry! Congrats and good luck 😀

  3. Nice Kuya Barry. Great things always happen, madami pang susunod! Just go for it! God bless. =)

  4. i so like azkals. and im so freaking excited for the next match. wish i could have still play football 😦

  5. one of the perks of working in the media is the meetup with interesting personalities day in and day out. that you have rubbed elbows with some of the hottest showbiz terpsichoreans, the most respectable broadcast journalists, and this time around, with sensational pinoy athletes is no mean feat, barry. having said this, i do hope you can send me a picture of my most beloved sarah g. by the time you get the chance to wander at an asap gig on sunday’s. lol!

    and yes, ditto on football focus! it’s about time we realize that our true calling in sports comes from those that do not require stunning heights and gargantuan physiques. \m/

  6. read your article sa website at kahit di tayo personal na magkakilala masaya ako para sa iyo.
    i agree na we have a brighter or better future kumpara sa basketball dangan naman na hindi tayo biniyayaan ng katangkaran
    mapalad ka kasi you have the chance to meet them and more to come!
    yes magpapakita na siya sa 2011 year end sa tv lols

  7. Wow, great pics. Must be a great experience you had there. 😉

  8. Wowowow! Ayus yan! azkals rawr! Haha

  9. Go Idiotboxes! Este Askalz pala.

  10. AWMAIGAWD!!!

  11. Barry! I’m so proud of you!!! Hahahaha.

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