Has the circus come to town or what?

To everyone’s thrill, the fifth season of the British TV hit Skins has finally landed to our boring monitors. Another 10 episodes of in-your-face sex, drugs, relationships and gender bonkers,  and all sort of teenage problems will once again remind us that we do live  insufferably black-and-white lives and that sometimes, reveling towards the the dark side is the bestest option to consider.

The beautiful Dakota Blue Richards leads the cast. She plays the androgynous, socially awkward, stuttering Franky who tries to live the present without a past. Franky had a bitter one though, having bullied by classmates. Apparently, her former classmates do not understand her fierceness.

It was Franky’s first day of class as a late transferee. In crowds, she snakes in with her Oxford shoes, ethnic headphones and the long coat (which kind of remind me of what Tony used to wear in the first episode of the entire series ever). And she all does this with a prolific song, “Be Brave” by The Strange Boys, to rev her engine.


On her way to school, Franky, with the hopes of “fitting in,” innocuously draws virtually the whole collegiate population in Roundview after crashing literally a motorbike she stole to flee from crooked-toothed bullies in the other street.

The hyperventilating queen bee Mini, shocked by the accident, then shares a scoff with her friends at the new girl (a la Cady Heron in the culturallysignificant Mean Girls. “Has the circus come to town or what?” she quips.

Mini the HBIC

Later, Franky gets more ~attention*~ by absently knocking Mini in hockey class. Mini retaliates furiously by dragging Franky down onto the mud.

“Nobody does that to me!” she cries. “Better watch your back!”

One down, Franky!

Ahh, I can simply juxtapose this to the Blair-Serena short-skirt catfight in Gossip Girl.
Mini, Grace and Liv

At lunch, Mini, flanked by BFFs Grace and Liv, try to be nice to Franky. (On second thought, Grace and Liv apart seem to like Franky.) And oh, they also actually invite her out as a part of their clique, disregarding nobodies Alo and Rich who seem very interested at Franky.

In their rendezvous in the mall– crazed thanks to metamphetamine (?)– Franky seems AGAIN to get all the attention from both Grace and Liv.

The jealous Mini, on the other hand, asks Franky to a party but in one condition: The andro-genius Franks should wear the ugly, flammable sequin dress Mini bought her. Yeah, the dress looked ridiculous even for me.

Later on, in Franky’s home, Mini et al find out Franky’s “secret.” That she was indeed a laughingstock in her former school.

This was without Franky’s permission, however, so Franky makes the three bitchaz to lay it under wraps. They all agree. Hmm.

Franky does the unthinkable. (At least for Mini)

Meanwhile, to the tune of another The Strange Boys song, You Can Only Love When You Want, Franky decides to shed down her tuxedo gear and wears… gasp, sleeveless! Va-va-voom! Everyone’s actually looking at her again! Only this time, they’re in awe. Even Nic, who looks effortlessly the “airhead jock” label in high school at best, is quite crushing on her.

PS Nic is Mini’s beau, btw. Yikes.


Insecure Mini actually hits the roof.  She spreads along the corridor the incriminating photos of Franky she found on a social network site “Friendlook.” Aha! This scenario seems like the scene in Darren Stein’s Jawbreaker where Vylette, the once-loser-turned-queen-bee, was attacked by her jeering schoolmates.

“FUCK YOUUUUUU!” Franky cries. She then storms out, and shoots pellets with her replica gun in a nowhere field. Later, a lurking mystery guy appears and they converse a bit.

I don’t know about you but strange yet romantic stuff like this have never happened to me. (In my last trip to the province, I made friends with a Canadian. He was at my back so during the entire two hours discussing faux-nationalism, linguistics, etc., I had to turn back at him. Hence my indescribably sore neck.)


Franky and mystery guy

So in the end, Franky decides to come out of her shell and tries to apprehend Mini at her own party. The soiree where she was “disinvited.” And guess what was belting off the radio. Yes, Fergie’s Glamorous.

The HBIC Mini roars at her, saying she’ll never be part of their group any longer. Ugh, the “bulimic Barbie.”

As Franky exits, the willing Grace comes with her, and so do resident losarrrs Alo and Rich.

Alo and Rich

At the end of the episode, the new gang wallows in champagne and chlorine, thinking that hey, ‘life could never be better than this.’

But of course, the horrors of clashing with ice princess Mini await.

The Gang

PHOTOS CREDIT: Skins Website

And oh, if you”re asking about US~Skins, of course I watched the premiere. I almost strangled myself afterward.


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  1. class clown ba yung clown? hehe

    ay parang Gossip Girl meets Mara Clara ito. mas feisty at fierce lang. Franky’s pretty ah hihi 😉

  2. Hindi ako makarelate kaya tumingin lang ako sa pictures. Hihi.

  3. It took me until Franky went to the ladies’ room to change her clothes to figure out her real identity. LOL.

    I was very impressed with the opening episode of Skins series 5. The acting was a lot better than the USA remake. It’s overflowing with awesomeness!

    • I thought Franky was like a supporting role lang until the end. I just love her!

      On the premiere’s awesomeness, I know! This is why we keep coming back to Skins, yeh? 🙂

    • And on the US Skins, can I just say: THEY SHOULD GO ALTOGETHER TO ACTING SCHOOL!

      • It’s actually great that they’re casting unknown artists. Skins is like a stage for discovering new talents. The only problem is that most of the actors that they got for Skins USA have no talent at all! Buti pa sa Skins UK, even though you get a hint that the actors are still amateurs, their acting is convincing and passable to my taste.

      • Yeah. IA so much. The actors/actresses from skins maybe amateurs but look, they’re worth the risk.

        Nic Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Lily Loveless, Dev Patel, Joe Dempsie…

        And now I’m eyeing the best from Dakota Blue Richards. The chick can bring the show, innit? Lulz.

  4. Ooooh. That sure looks interesting. 🙂

  5. Ahhh…loving the new season already! I have to say I’m loving the entire cast, which is weird because Gen. 2 was my absolute favorite.

    I’m super excited for Mini’s ep next week! She was one of my favorites from early on.

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  7. Is the show really any good??? O pang Disney lang talaga ako??? HAHAHAH.

  8. I love Skins and Franky is hot as hell. But no one beats Effy. Hah.

  9. How come I don’t recognize any of the cast? I’ve watched the first season of Skins UK and I don’t remember seeing any of these faces. What happened? Hehe.

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