Monthly Archives: April 2011

Define: Fashion Wayward

A few weeks ago, fashion icons Nigel Barker and J Alexander of hit show America’s Next Top Model visited the country for a book tour. Got to attend one held in Trinoma. The two mainly talked about beauty and, well, why the fashion biz isn’t really superficial. Highlights of the meet-and-greet include Miss J’s fierce ramp walk, gals screaming for Nigel and why Nigel was even sporting… Is that his HAIR??? Lol. ( Read more… )

What Lent means to me

It’s Lent. Although I don’t exactly know what The Lent means in the big picture aside from more movies like Ten Commandments to adorn free television, and given my non-practicing Catholic… ways, I still kind of celebrate it.  I grew up a Catholic whether I like it or not. The only thing I like about Lent is that it’s peaceful and my fave faith movie The Prince of Egypt is also aired interminably. ( Read more… )

Curse latecomers!

My chat with NBA legend AC Green was brief as a hiccup. Reason? I Was Late. I know, I know, in the media industry, people who diss punctuality should be guillotined. But I’ve changed. It was just  the horrendous traffic that got in the way. “Hello, AC,” I told the  LA Lakers star as we finally shook hands, “We’ve got five minutes to save the world.” “I’m with you, brother,” he replied in agreement. ( Read more… )

Time to wear my underwear inside out

In case you didn’t notice, we have a truckload of superhero movies lined up for this summer.  So hurrah for geekdom! There’s Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and, of course, my life, X-Men: First Class. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to catch them one after the other, but I’m really feeling shallow and giddy these men in crappy tights and cape (and hammer) are gracing the big screen soon. ( Read more… )