Time to wear my underwear inside out

In case you didn’t notice, we have a truckload of superhero movies lined up for this summer.  So hurrah for geekdom! There’s Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and, of course, my life, X-Men: First Class. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to catch them one after the other, but I’m really feeling shallow and giddy these men in crappy tights and cape (and hammer) are gracing the big screen soon.


The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

I actually don’t know a lot about Thor except for his badass hammer (mace?) which can cast lightning and all those kilojolts. And of course, there’s the Norse-inspired context. Thing is, I thought Thor was humble and not “arrogant” at all. I see they wanna jump into the bandwagon hitching those  airy superheroes huh? (Case in point: Peter Parker).

PS Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins star!

Green Lantern

A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

Oh, of course: Ryan Reynolds as a superhero. I bet he ditched Deadpool for this. Or worse, he has yet to portray that role and all other fangirl-friendly comic book spin-off’s as what Tyler has said before. Lol. Apart from that, a brunette Blake Lively keeps me more than thrilled to catch this flick!

Captain America: The First Avenger

After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals.

Befuddling trailer! I mean when I saw it for the first time, I was like, “Look! They found a Chris Evans knockoff! A pale, nerdy knockoff!” Turns out THAT guy WAS Chris Evans in CGI! Creepy but stunning. After the gingerbread comes out in that body-altering machine, wee see the actual Chris Evans and his pecs exploding out of his shirt. Lol. Comic relief.

X-Men: First Class

In 1963, Charles Xavier starts up a school and later a team, for humans with superhuman abilities. Among them is Erik Lensherr, his best friend… and future archenemy.

Do I have to explain? X-Men = My life obviously. This new X-Men franchise, however, needs to step up a bit after the last non-Bryan Singer X-Men III which has  concluded the trilogy on a sad note. I mean Wolverine wasn’t even enough to keep the charm of this Stan Lee classic.

My hopes are definitely high for this prequel though. I mean, Nicholas Hoult (of Skins) stars in the movie as a pre-Beast Hank McCoy! Makes me more eager to watch.

How about you guys, which among these movies are you most excited about? 🙂


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I’ve always been fond of X-Men and the diversity of the character’s abilities. 🙂

  2. RYAN REYNOLDS. BADDEH. CG COSTUME. I died died died.

  3. mas excited ako sa tv lang, Barry. yung Captain Barbell!!!!!!!!!! echos!

  4. genesismeranda

    Haha I normally do not care for superhero movies at all, but I think I want to see Thor. Only because he has a freaking huge hammer though. 🙂

  5. cant wait to watch these movies! i need to be entertained while waiting for the next batman movie!

  6. Thor, who was so buff he couldn’t fit into his costume. :>

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