Define: Fashion Wayward

A few weeks ago, fashion icons Nigel Barker and J Alexander of hit show America’s Next Top Model visited the country for a book tour. Got to attend one held in Trinoma. The two mainly talked about beauty and, well, why the fashion biz isn’t really superficial. Highlights of the meet-and-greet include Miss J’s fierce ramp walk, gals screaming for Nigel and why Nigel was even sporting… Is that his HAIR??? Lol.

“The constant basis in ANTM is ‘Am I beautiful?’ But ultimately, to be beautiful, it isn’t enough for you to have good skin and good eyes. The point here is it doesn’t matter. What matters is your energy, your personality.” [Nigel Barker]

Nigel Barker, as we all know, before he became “noted” as per Tyra, was once a model himself. He said he also dwelt in insecurities until he dug deeper into the fashion business, and eventually discover that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Before you judge further, Nigel IS straight, amid the femininity his profession or his Twitter username. His book Beauty Equation is quite interactive and something apt for people who indulge in self-help books.

So here's Nigel Barker, as Tyra would say, "noted" fashion photographer.

Nigel Barker kidding with host Sarah Meier

A fan goes gaga obviously.

And a fan gets lucky to the horror of the other hundreds of fans in Trinoma!

Nigel Barker's "Beauty Equation"

 “Own it. The most important thing is your own inner beauty.” [Miss J]

J Alexander, or Miss J as he is more known, was an aspiring accountant before going diva against all runway divas. Currently working as coach in ANTM, Miss J really knows how to boast the ~attitude*~ when working it on the runway.

His book Follow the Model, meanwhile, tackles on how to strut the runway in swag.

Here's Miss J, "the only catwalk queen." Bow down or bow out.

This is how it's done, Miss J says.

Miss J goofing around.

Prized photographer Nigel Barker does his thing... for a fan! Siya na!

J Alexander's "Follow the Model"

Err. The fans?

Truly, the event was one for the books. I mean, it isn’t easy to live in the illusion that Nigel has been all the while a skinhead, then see him in real life WITH hair, right? Perspectives. Lol.

Read more here.

Photos (except for the last one) by Ronin Bautista.


PS Did you know that Nigel himself retweeted the article I wrote about the event? AWEZUM!!!! Look look!


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  1. astig! sabi nga n miss J… WOOOOOOOOOOORKKKKK! 🙂

  2. Hi blogger Barry.. Ha ha. loljk. Wanna meet J soon.

  3. his lips are… enormous. lol 😉

  4. I’m jealous! I should have been there. Sigh. Anyway, kuya Barry you’re really tall.

  5. Wow! I wish I could have been there to watch the show :). It seems like a lot of fun!

  6. My wife and I used to debate as to whether or not Nigel is gay.

    is he?

  7. Hey, I know that guy! That’s Tony Stonem!

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