Monthly Archives: May 2011

So long, Newsroom (at least for now)

Tonight is officially my last as a mobile staff/ writer/ semi-reporter of I’ve resigned May 31—just in time the summer heat rockets its way out of the country. (If you’re trying to know why I resigned, you won’t find anything beyond this sentence.) I will welcome the rainy months by leaving both my first regular job and the people I’ve learned to love while at work. At least for now, goodbye bustling Newsroom. ( Read more… )


Won’t Go Home Without Maroon 5

Maroon 5 was here. For the second time, the pop rock band was here in Manila to charm Filipino fans offering more of their chart-toppers and more of Adam Levine’s tattoos. Unfortunately, I was suffering swollen tonsils that have worsened as I screamed to the tunes of Misery, Harder to Breathe and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. I can’t really put how Monday went with my words but I hope the following photos  will. Fanboy alert! ( Read more… )

Thor doesn’t need CPR

I expected Kenneth Branagh’s Thor to be cheesy due to its Norse-inspired themes. I was kinda hesitant to watch it just cos a lot who were saying it’s awesome were those who had feasted on Chris Hemsworth’s bod. As always, I was wrong: Thor dished off the cheese and was riveting. Sure, Hemsworth’s humanity was unwillingly in my face but it didn’t fail to let the others shine, like Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston, for example. ( Read more… )

Chit Estella, 54

They say the only time you’ll be able to feel a person’s worth in your life is in his/her absence. Saying goodbye is my weakness, more so is death. A college professor of mine died last night in a bus-taxi collision along “killer highway” Commonwealth Ave. She was aboard a cab that got disastrously smashed by a Universal Guiding Star PUB. Lourdes “Chit” Estella Simbulan, a veteran journo and respected professor, was 54. ( Read more… )