Monthly Archives: June 2011

For once, let’s not talk about Blake Lively’s mammary glands

I saw it coming: Green Lantern was gonna stink. I’d put the blame on the following factored altogether: Ryan Reynolds’ charisma withering, the ~obscenity*~ knowing that Ryan in a costume was actually naked while shooting (WTF CGI?!), a storyline beyond confusing and illogical (notwithstanding my given disinterest in the DC character), the (non) special effects, and, the disappointment my future concubine, Blake Lively was. ( Read more… )


My Papa Don’t Preach

Let me overshare: I never really felt my father’s presence up until I was in high school. All those years before, during the stretch of what my parents lousily call “separation,” I had my mom to look up to as the “pillar” of the household.  My father would only visit me at times bringing me chocolates and SPAM. Over time, however, we bonded like how CNN’s Larry King had deemed to happen as he signed off last year for sons Chance and Cannon. ( Read more… )

Mutant and Proud

I genuinely loved X-Men: First Class. Period. True, Matthew Vaughn didn’t cast Stan Lee’s original fearless five and instead bedecked a random match of mutants as the “first” who were—in essence—out. He, however, didn’t shake expectations from religious X-Men followers. The first classmen were  interesting enough that, except for the irrelevant Moira McTaggert, they had churned out a storyline that was worth the wait. ( Read more… )

Hey June! (Don’t let me down!)

We’re in the second half of the year and I’ve barely even noticed it.  I’m expecting a lot to accomplish in the remaining months so I’m just sticking to how The Beatles would deal with it: “Hey (June), don’t let me down!” I have to put my game face on and start with a clean slate. (If anyone cares, I’ve freshened-up this blog’s theme c/o the fluorescent Mystique.) I have, however, yet more to achieve in the next book of my 2011. Let’s go, self! ( Read more… )