He doesn’t need tickets. He’s Chuck Bass

Avid viewers have familiarized him as the slithering snob Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. But in the press conference held Thursday night at the Peninsula Manila, Ed Westwick flayed his bad boy role and image. The British actor, who’s now the new endorser of local brand Penshoppe, was very friendly to the press. Ed accommodated questions from some reporters who even failed to hold back their fangirl-ness as expected.

Late afternoon, I was with ANC’s Jekki Pascual, who, like me, have watched some “good seasons” of Gossip Girl before. An hour before, while at the reception, we had to surrender ALL our phones, cameras, and all OUR gadgets.

“Why are you so strict?” I asked the girl at the counter. “It’s not us,” she murmured, “It’s the management.”

At about seven, we entered Salon De Ning–a classy chamber kept with this South Asian vibe, glaring with jewels and beaming with a sunset-like gleam.

Much like Chuck’s bar in the hit show, Victrola, I kind of expected some burlesque artists to come on stage and do their thang. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I happened to meet some media friends, though, from my home network in ABS-CBN Publishing, Summit Media and the competent PR queen Joyce Ramirez, among others.

I had to wait for Ed while sipping champagne and munching on California maki. And then the program-cum-party actually started. Ed, in full James Dean aura, arrived and took his seat.

Ed Westwick and Sarah Meier (Photo grabbed from ANC c/o Jekki Pascual)

“Can I call you Ed?” host Sarah Meier asked.

“I was hoping you’d call me that,” the actor answered.

Minutes later, questions from the media sprang here and there. Astonishingly, Ed didn’t answer like what people would have expected from CW starlets. He was sharp and straightforward with no hint of diva in his bones.

Ed Westwick on the hot seat (Photo grabbed from ANC c/o Jekki Pascual)

I was supposed to tweet live but since I was incommunicado, I had to ensure I had no memory gap.

Here are some things I “recorded,” things you might haven’t known about Ed Westwick:

  • Ed would drag his “mates” back to the country for his upcoming birthday party if he could.
  • He finds the country beautiful, even having the impression that it’s a “paradise.”
  • There’s a lot of Filipino talent waiting to be discovered, Ed said, citing Manny Pacquiao and Charice. He said something about our enormous population which might be relevant to talks on the reproductive health bill. Lol.
  • Ed brought home with him a bamboo chair crafted by  international Filipino industrial artist Kenneth Cobonpue. The latter was the one who made those for Brangelina, I think. Sweet!
  • What differentiates him from his role Chuck Bass is that they both can’t outdo each other’s accents. Lol.
  • What makes them alike is “they’re both male.”
  • When asked on what he learned from his Upper East Sider bad boy role, he replies, “What I learned NOT to do… like being rude to women.”

Ed Westwick in Manila (Photo grabbed from ANC c/o Jekki Pascual)

Obviously, the Gossip Girl actor has more to offer other than his looks or style. He can act, period. In fact, he’ll be playing a challenging character, Tybalt, in another Hollywood adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Cake told me via Twitter Ed also was a member of The Filthy Youth. Hats off to such an interesting man.

PS: Not a sponsored post


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