Monthly Archives: July 2011

Life after Harry Potter

It’s a shame toward my generation that I admit this: I was not that big a fan of the Harry Potter series. (Throw those judging leers, Rowling followers!) I, however, have experienced the Potter fever for a brief time in high school. I may have stopped reading after the fourth book (aka pop culture suicide) but when I depended my attraction to the series through those blockbuster movies, I’d say the magic was still there. ( Read more… )

Survival of the Freelance

It has sporadically occurred to me that living a freelance prostitute writer life is difficult. Every time writing gigs drop by my doorstep, I have to grab them pronto before some snotty fellow does the nipping. This life strives to be very Spencerian and admittedly, at my young age and subatomic ~network*~, I’m actually hard up on earning real monehz. Apart from that, this life’s quite fun for me who’d rather prefer “flexi-time” best. ( Read more… )

Puerto Paraiso

I’ve committed a gruelingly impulsive move late May by heading to Palawan with a friend. I found refuge, interestingly after my resignation, in the serene land of Puerto Princesa–so-called because of its historical roots (Wiki yourself up). Luckily, the economic relationship the “first-class” city creates with tourists is quite firm: A haven for wallet-tightening proletarians! Apart from that, Puerto Princesa has a lot more to tell. ( Read more… )

Gotta get “Naked and Famous”

It’s the most surreal feeling listening to a song that exactly speaks of YOU, and all your aspirations. It’s what I felt when I first heard of Standing in the Way of  Control, or in a musical level, Jesus Christ Superstar (go away, preachy ones!). Those two songs, respectively, bemoan of living your life as it is, and questioning religion. This time, I’m getting goosebumps from the vibrant tune of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous. ( Read more… )