Puerto Paraiso

I’ve committed a gruelingly impulsive move late May by heading to Palawan with a friend. I found refuge, interestingly after my resignation, in the serene land of Puerto Princesa–so-called because of its historical roots (Wiki yourself up). Luckily, the economic relationship the “first-class” city creates with tourists is quite firm: A haven for wallet-tightening proletarians! Apart from that, Puerto Princesa has a lot more to tell.

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral directly beside Plaza Cuartel where a mass murder had taken place in WWII (Photo c/o Aien Branzuela)

FOODIES ALERT: I didn’t go to the eateries Puerto Princesa has been known for, mainly because my friends have been recommending me such fine-rate restaurants that serve seafood (hello sporadic allergies). I did drop by Baker’s Hill though (selling pastries), and the Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant (their spare ribs and bali shake are heaven-sent!). I also visited Badjao Restaurant which is situated in a paradise of mangroves overseeing a scenic view of the sea. Unfortunately, I was there too early and the restaurant wasn’t open yet. 😦

Balinsasayaw shake (fresh mango juice topped with ube ice cream) (Photo c/o Aien Branzuela)

BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Like I’ve said earlier, and some maybe more amazed when I say this out loud, Puerto Princesa has cheap goodies! Food, cultured pearls, pasalubongs, authentically-woven bags–some items bought as low as five pesos–oh boy, I could’ve never gone back home.

Binatuan Creations (Photo by Myself)

HIT THE BEACH: As to quote Lovi Poe in the nonsensically-humorous Temptation Island, “What do bitches have to do other than bitch around fellow bitches?” Not relevant but yeah, I would say, “What would bitches do in the beach than to bitch out?” Lol. Puerto Princesa has bodies of water that can take one’s breath away (except for the murky, sand-filled Pristine beach behind our hotel WHICH was never pristine to begin with; it takes breath by suffocating). I had been stung by a hostile jellyfish after spending only two minutes in Snake Island, btw. Shame.

Beachin out at Pristine Beach (Photo c/o Aien Branzuela)

UNDERGROUND RIVER. Need I say more? The place is a marvel. I don’t know how it fared in the New Seven Wonders of the World list but who cares. Brace yourself with a huge smack of Off lotion though as there are many pests in the place. The natural wonder is hair-raising with the beautifully-sculpted rock monuments. The widely English-articulate boatmen would also provide for good entertainment.

Mangroves!!! PARADISE INDEED (Photo c/o Aien Branzuela)


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  1. Wow! Puerto 😀 sna makapunta rin ako dto someday! 😉

  2. ansarap! gusto ko magbakasyon

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