Survival of the Freelance

It has sporadically occurred to me that living a freelance prostitute writer life is difficult. Every time writing gigs drop by my doorstep, I have to grab them pronto before some snotty fellow does the nipping. This life strives to be very Spencerian and admittedly, at my young age and subatomic ~network*~, I’m actually hard up on earning real monehz. Apart from that, this life’s quite fun for me who’d rather prefer “flexi-time” best.

I’ve just had my first PR writing stint care of Joyce Ramirez, the agent who  brought Ed Westwick in Manila for local brand Penshoppe more than a month ago. I’ve worked for her new talent, the Azkals hotshot Angel Guirado–who is of Spanish tongue btw. I’ve also written for the first time for Inquirer under its  2BU section, particularly on Dulaang UP’s Rizal X, which will be staged this week at UP Diliman. I’ve also written on health and school life for a family magazine lately. Freelance writing has its wheels really heading to something and I couldn’t be more thankful.

So guys, I sweaaaaar, if you can, you can hire me anytime. Please help me survive this freelance life or else, I will… evaporate from sheer poverty. Lol.


Meanwhile, back to updating this blog, how have you been guys?

How have I been, you ask? (Just in case someone honestly cares enough to ask cos I can only imagine someone did hence the hashtag “foreveralone” LOL.) Here is the blog entry for that.

  • UAAP Mania. Apparently, the competitive UAAP has opened its 74th season with a bang. The event flickered once more with undoubtedly exciting games—the schools boasting their rookies (ehem NU’s Ray Parks Jr.) on the floor. I hope the UP Fighting Maroons maintain their heart and drive throughout the season and prove some more. I’ll be watching a lot of games (great thanks to media passes!!!) so it’s gonna be my routine to loiter at the Araneta again just like two years ago. Of this, I’ll be seeing more of my college friends/fellow alumni who still are way-supportive of the team.

Who's that nerd (Photo by

  • Kobe Bryant in Manila. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant visited the country anew for his Nike Take Advantage tour. Together with high school bud Jokko, I flew to Araneta to watch his guesting (thanks for the tix, brother aka “the best EIC ever” Jinno Rufino). I’m not an NBA fan of any sort  but it struck me how Filipinos are such basketball-crazy beings. Case in point: There was this mutant beside us who was apparently a Kobe fan. He exhibited his special ability by absorbing all the energy in our row and launching it all at once, indefatigably screaming: “KOBEEEEEE! I’LL BUY YOU DINNER!!!! PLEASE SAY YES THAT YOU’RE COMING BACK TO MANILAAAAA!” Wild si kuya.
  • Maven Launch. And to bring my social life altogether, I partied for the first time on a Monday. I joined the crowd of ABS-CBN Publishing at the Maven launch held at Opus in Resorts World. Maven is a new bi-monthly women’s magazine of the company catering to the “homegrown, real and glamorous.” It’s edited by Nana Caragay, who also mothers college magazine Chalk.

With Metro girls Ria Gamboa and Kat Angco (Photo by Bai Capture)


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I also watched that same UAAP game! Sayang UP didn’t win.

  2. Enjoy your freelance status. Work will surely hunt you. Don’t worry. :]

  3. Team Flexitime FTMFW!

  4. I think that’s Bo Perasol (Powerade Tigers head coach) in the background. and oh, yeah, thats defintiely you right there…haha

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