Life after Harry Potter

It’s a shame toward my generation that I admit this: I was not that big a fan of the Harry Potter series. (Throw those judging leers, Rowling followers!) I, however, have experienced the Potter fever for a brief time in high school. I may have stopped reading after the fourth book (aka pop culture suicide) but when I depended my attraction to the series through those blockbuster movies, I’d say the magic was still there.

It was only in freshman year high school that I had known of Hogwarts and all the marvel that hid within its centuries-old halls. I was flipping casually the pages of Chamber of Secrets which was owned by my good, geeky friend Keneth. Obviously, I was engrossed by the book that I even brought it to lunch at, yes, McDonald’s. The spell had broke in when I left it at the fast food chain. I had to buy a replacement and give it to Keneth afterwards—but not after reading it.

Remember the annoying know-it-all Hermione? She wore no Burberry then. Lol. (Photo Googled)

Through the years, I met a lot of my friends who are fervently into the book series. More so, they’re longing for every Warner Bros-produced two-hour-and-30-minute flick that hits the theaters. It was just recently that it had struck me how the Harry Potter culture affected them beyond proportions. (My friend Cake whom I still consider sane as of recent memory, had watched The Deathly Hallows Part 1 in full Gryffindor uniform last year. To boot, a couple of her friends came in clad in witch couture too.)

Harry Potter has apparently cast a spell to a lot of people in the non-magic world. I somehow suspect that many are actually thinking they ain’t no Muggles (but that deserves another entry). They prefer to be those shopping along Diagon Alley or keeping transactions at Gringgotts Bank.

I liked Richard Harris as Dumbedore better than Michael Gambon. Harris perfectly had the gentleness of a real grampy wizard. (Photo Googled)

At first, the only effect Harry Potter culture had on me was, as strange as it comes, language. Mind you, the lingo in the series makes good zingers and, not to mention, insults effective for everyday speech. “Ridikulus!” “You look like a Mandrake!” “Your Patronus is a leech cos you suck!” Lol.

But, a not-so-big Harry Potter fan as I am, I actually got saddened thinking that the era is over. This had sunken in me the last three or so minutes of The Deathly Hallows Part 2, when Harry, Ron and Hermione were holding hands at the ruins. In the said scene, I had fought to hold back my tears. Luckily, Ginny Weasley disguised as Dana Scully of X-Files in the next fast-forwarded scene gave me the giggle. A real giggle to stop me from tearing up. For a minute there, I honestly thought that there will be more to come.

This is one of the most... exhausting events for me. So sad. (Photo Googled)


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  1. haay all good things come to an end. I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter to arrive by owl…

  2. Fan or not, everyone of us had a part on the movie series. But having read the book makes one part of the entire Harry Potter thing for the rest of his life.

  3. what made me cry was that scene when Harry was about to face Voldemort and his loved ones were there to accompany him…as they had always been. hay. I could relate to Lily’s love for Harry as I am also foremost a mom. 🙂 I say no one deserves to die alone, even if one were the most vicious human being there is. In death, there should be, aside from dignity, love. Love should be there to see you through your last moments on earth. Ayun, when that scene was on screen, my lacrimal glands went on overtime. haha!

    I love harry potter and when my two little kids are much older, I will recommend harry potter to them, too. My eldest loves it to pieces so I am pretty sure the two little ones will, too. 🙂

  4. i saw it saturday and its really sad to think thats it. ive grown up with harry potter

  5. The characters are very memorable and relatable. They could have been people I knew (apart from the magic.) I think a lot of people will really miss them!

  6. wah! major hagulgol ako sa snape scenes sa last hp. waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! doe patronus! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  7. So blasphemous pala para sabihin kong hinding hindi ko pa nabasa ang HP books o napanood ng buo ang ni isang pelikula nun? 🙂

  8. Ohyeah! Pero mas maingay naman ako kay mideo.

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