Monthly Archives: August 2011

Captain America = Zzzzz…

Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger is a sad, dragging movie that was only produced just because it had to anticipate The Avengers, a supposedly mightier flick with a packed cast and a seasoning of relevance to the times. The latter will be shown on 2012. Captain America had a boring arrive for a superhero film; it’s so boring that I’m half-asleep typing this review. ( Read more… )

That awkward moment when you say, “Excuse me, Twilight fans”

MTV surely knows how hype works with Teen Wolf as case in point. In a scot-free attempt, the summerrific show makes it seem that it’s not at all feeding from the Twilight spectacle. The show centers on werewolves, enemies of vampires in many folk and pop culture tall tales. The entire set-up is unbelievable yet it gravitates even those who actually believe that nothing supernatural happens in the Californian woods. ( Read more… )