Monthly Archives: November 2011

If I was a fighter in the UFC…

…then that would be the Apocalypse. Lol. Okay, that was irrelevant but here’s something that’s not: Veteran UFC fighter BJ Penn is coming to Manila! For fans out there, he’ll be having an open training at the SM Mall of Asia this Wednesday. What’s up with the most-rounded fighter of the Octagon? Is he retiring? While in the country, Penn will also be promoting the Philippine franchise of the UFC Magazine which I staffed for! Again, irrelevant. ( Read more… )

Breaking down “Breaking Dawn”

It wasn’t until he did his first scene shirtless in the first five minutes of Breaking Dawn Part I that the burlier-by-the-second Taylor Lautner would remind me that “Hey, WTF? I’m watching a Twilight film!” As usual, since I was up for some escapism-directed, feel-good stuff, I’d admit that I’ve been amused by the movie. It was a relief emo!Bella Swan had vanished off. Here, she’s just like a normal American teen pretty giddy to taste her first. ( Read more… )

Cuter than Dora the Explorer’s talking backpack

People have called me “childish” and “immature” basing on my inclination towards the spunky/bold over the mature/old-fashioned. Here’s a brand to prove that more. Fjallraven, which means arctic fox, has become my new brand of lust. It carries, amongst travel wear and accessories, pretty daypacks, which haven’t only proven its functionality over time but also its endurance. Let’s all ogle at this Swedish cuteness. ( Read more… )

Mario Maurer was here

I covered Penshoppe’s newest boy, Thai actor Mario Maurer and his set of events last week to the ambiance of many screaming Filipino fans. Until now, I still am amazed how a relatively not-so-exposed foreign star had magnetized the Pinoy mob. Many attribute the sensation to his rom-com starrer Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which I have yet to watch. I only have The Love of Siam as a proof of his acting flair, and yep, boy can act. ( Read more… )