Mario Maurer was here

I covered Penshoppe’s newest boy, Thai actor Mario Maurer and his set of events last week to the ambiance of many screaming Filipino fans. Until now, I still am amazed how a relatively not-so-exposed foreign star had magnetized the Pinoy mob. Many attribute the sensation to his rom-com starrer Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which I have yet to watch. I only have The Love of Siam as a proof of his acting flair, and yep, boy can act.

In Chookiat Sakveerakul’s The Love of Siam (2007), Mario plays Tong, a conflicted teenage boy who falls in love with his childhood friend Mew. His relationship with Mew develops amid a river of other family problems ie. a distressed mother, drunkard father, and a long-lost sister. In the middle of the film, Tong and Mew share a kiss. It wasn’t torrid but it was prolonged, good enough to send the conservative(?) Thai movie-goers a-shaking offstage.

The Love of Siam is definitely one for the books (Photo Googled)

The film—director’s cut—took about three hours to wrap up. It’s emotionally pumped with tearjerker scenes here and there, circling around not just on the two lead stars but also on the minor characters. Imagine a classic family-oriented heavy-drama production in the Philippines minus the cussing and the slapping, lol. While gently unfolding the drama and mounting it with unspoken hurt, The Love of Siam tugs one’s heart till it bleeds.

It came to no surprise how stupendous the box-office success of the film was. As it took home many local awards, it has also gained international recognition.


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  1. Mygehd, siya pala yung sa Love Of Siam?!?!?! Obviously I didn’t read the credits when I watched it.

  2. I hope Mario would do more of this type of film. Not the teeny-boppers like Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I don’t know. I want him on the gay side. haha

  3. I’ve known him since his Love of Siam days. It’s really a controversial yet emotional film. In Crazy Little Thing Called Love, he has grown up. He paired well with Bai Fern and it was a successful (or rather phenomenal) movie. I’ve watched it many times already even before most of the Pinoys knew about it. A big fan here hehe.

    You’re lucky you were able to cover Mario when he came here. 🙂

  4. Oh you’re a fan pala. Hehe. I loved Love of Siam! 😀

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