Breaking down “Breaking Dawn”

It wasn’t until he did his first scene shirtless in the first five minutes of Breaking Dawn Part I that the burlier-by-the-second Taylor Lautner would remind me that “Hey, WTF? I’m watching a Twilight film!” As usual, since I was up for some escapism-directed, feel-good stuff, I’d admit that I’ve been amused by the movie. It was a relief emo!Bella Swan had vanished off. Here, she’s just like a normal American teen pretty giddy to taste her first.

Bella, I hope you got enough sleep this last 18 years, becuase you won’t be getting much more. [Emmett Cullen]

The Twilight Saga apparently took the direction that the Harry Potter franchise had gone to: Splitting the last book into two giant films which were obviously geared towards a larger business goal. In this second-to-the-last film, Bella  and her century-old, sleep-deprived vampire lover Edward Cullen decide to take their relationship to the next level by getting married. While this may seem akin to a cliche plot on teen romance in One Tree Hill, their impending marriage actually meant more. It’s totally a big deal for a human like Bella to be converted into a blood-sucker. Eventually, she’ll turn bloodthirsty and monstrous, and while death is most feared, not dying and thus, living for ages are altogether worse.

Edward and Bella in their honeymoon. I

Although I didn’t dare read a word from any of Stephenie Meyer’s book series, I’ve watched all Twilight films straight from the big screen (no) thanks to some goading and/or the free tickets. This movie is particularly my most loved/least hated precisely because Bella was no longer throwing a sulky fit whenever she’s psychologically wounded.

Jacob and his two minions, Seth and Leah (Photo Googled)

Although it still felt serious in the latter half when she got pregnant with a vicious, fast-growing baby in her womb (cheers to the makeup team for making Kristen Stewart look so freakishly scrawny and sapped!), the rest of Breaking Dawn Part I turned out to be entertaining and light. The wedding, the confrontation amongst Jacob and the wolf pack, the awkward-aggressive sex scene… Even the tracks played during the end credits were cutesy and all: Endtapes by The Joy Formidables, then It Will Rain by Bruno Mars.


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  1. indeed this part of the whole story is the best!
    napadaan lang here 😉

  2. naawa naman ako kay leah dito. hahahaha. sana sa book 5 (haha kung magkakaron man) , mag-imprint na sya. :p

  3. I did not watch all the other films after watching the first in the saga. Not a fan of robpat and kristen stewart. haha. so i don’t know if i would watch the last film either. bahala na.

    but your review is nice. 🙂

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